Random Lockups During Play

Mac Technical Support
OS X 10.8.3
2.93 GHZ Intel Core I7
8 GB 1333 MHZ DDR3
ATI Radeon HD 5750 1024 MB

Randomly while playing the game with totally freeze, although I can still move my cursor. However, I cannot get out of fullscreen mode to force quit so I have to do a hard restart.

This never happened before but is seemingly getting more consistent over the last 4 times I have played.
Could you give us your system information and the contents of the D3Debug.txt found in your Diablo III folder?

Obtaining and Posting System Information

1) Click on the Apple Menu while holding down the Option key and select System Profiler (10.6.8) / System Information (10.7 and later).

2) Copy the information from the following sections and paste them into your post. Please copy in the following order: Hardware Overview, Graphics, and Software. Do not include any serial numbers, hardware UUIDs, or account/login names or information in your post.

When pasting the contents of the D3Debug.txt file, please put it within the Code tags. It'll be [Code] D3Debug.txt Content [/Code]

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I would also try running a repair on the game to see if it helps.

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