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Skill tree + point system of d2 is broken, and it's such a fall behind way to play. Forbidding your ability to consider any changes after you made your first decision. We have the items like soj that adds skills bonus, its not blizz's fault this kind of item falls behind, its the greed behind the market that made these hard to access.

For example a +14% to skill is much better than 10%cc/100%cd, but not as good as 10%cc/100%cd/9%as or 40+mm/100%cd/9%as. If blizz want to save the players from the market and give them more control over how they can play. They did it with the boa which is perfect as it complete remove the need to use the AH. They should add a enchant system where you can add 14% x5 (70% total) to a single skills damage, given that players have 60 stat point (each per level) and each different skill has its own exchange rate.

For example
HA will need 7 pt per 14% so you need to use 35 pt to upgrade
CA will need 18 pt per 14% so you can only have +42% by using 54 pt.
but if you choose to use -5 Hatred (11 pt) for CA it will cost you 55 pt and you get -35 Hatred

The points can be redistributed just like how you force your follower to retrain, maybe add base reset cost like how we have the cost to remove gems.

adding a system like this will need a new menu similar to the skill menu. But combining with the gear bonus, this will push the players to think what is my best build (gearing and skill selection wise).
as long as you can can reset your skill tree it can work. The problem with d2 trees, you were basically stuck with whatever you picked, but we already know they didn't like that. So i'm sure if skill trees are added we would be able to reset them easily enough.

But we shouldn't stop there. they already said they were thinking of adding system where players given control over their own gear. They could modify their own gear but it would make it boa. This would go pretty well with skill trees.

How about ways enhance our runes with crafting?

point is skill trees are good idea, the problem is the broken core of d3 how it works currently. We're very much limited by the design flaws of the game which is big problem.
Anything new will be good for me, but if it is bad we will all say give us another one

We are playing with a rune board, so adding to this board should not be hard. The method I have is a easy reset, being that you can only have +5 to each kind of skill, limiting to only 60 pts so the system does not become a must. Unlike the trees in d2 or other games that copied it.

The modify item, I hope we get to upgrade legendary as well, which also include the chance of a socket. Blizz will give us a way to remove gears from the market, as they said they would like to see item get removed similar to how it works in HC, but since we can be revived so boa is probably the only option.

Enhancing runes with crafting = gear dependency = a must have.
Skills need to be more flexible, and a lot of people posting on the General does not see this. Crafting will also take much more time to complete. We need something small but significant.
07/07/2013 08:41 AMPosted by KirusAlufras
Anything new will be good for me, but if it is bad we will all say give us another one

this is my biggest problem. They made so many mistakes designing d3, and throughout the patches leading up to the current one, its insane to think "oh well this one will fix things." hasn't it been like that every patch now, we been told the same or have we been telling ourselves that?

if they're planning to release the next patch in six months to year, they better damn get it right. All I'm looking forward to is series of blog posts with information regrading the next patch or ideas on the table

I posted an idea I had about the rune system awhile ago, it didn't get much attention but I still feel it might be good idea. So I will just repost it here.

"I just wanted to ask what if our rune system would have levels to them?

For example picking hungering arrow, and the rune spray of teeth. The more you use spray of teeth, the rune would gain levels, each level would unlock more damage etc sort of thing. Same idea with other runes. Same thing with our passives."

While it may lock ourselves into certain builds but it also gives everyone to be different. And each build will be different from everyone else since each rune would unlock something different compared to other runes. So while the current rune may start out weak, as you use it more, it will be much better over time. Well I thought it might give us more ways to customize ourselves in different ways somewhat. almost like skill tree haha

I like your idea of mastering a skill. Now we have 4 problems,

1. The system does not have a way to collect your information. It doesn't record how many times you have used and what item have been dropped/picked by you. (one of Lylirra's response, if I'm not making a mistake). So they need to add this, and I think Chang said it has to do with the core system, so it will be a difficult task.

2. All the runes that increase damage or reduce cost will become useless. blizz will need to add new runes to replace them. Giving that they made this skill I think it will be hard.
I'm calling this skill with runes RoS (Reinforcement of Shadow) until they fix/change it.

3. What kind of limitation you think is valid?
I would say damage increase cap at 70%, and resource decrease cap at 50%. Currently, I think all our damage increase rune is cap at 35%, and resource reduction at 0%. Resource regeneration is a flat out +3 Hatred, and +2 Discipline, or 1 Discipline per hit up to 9 per attack (this apply to all, even NS).

4. How many experience do you need?
I would say 1000 points, and each use will add "1" point. You need to use the skills over 1000 times to master the skill. But with blizz system and long term gaming, I would expect something in the range of 10,000 to 1,000,000. And let's all this skill point for now.

Lastly, I would make this kind for mastering skills to be not effected by the runes, so you increase the base damage of your skill and the runes will only add additional effects. Using the skill+rune will all increase your skill point.
All I have to say is while i may not have the game-play time to have done this myself I agree with the op.

And...93 pages.. i will read every post for 25 pages when I see it but after page 3 and I realized that it was 93 pages...
07/07/2013 05:26 PMPosted by Bankai
Bump until Blizz acknowledges this thread!

and no blue post...
Bump until Blizz acknowledges this thread!
07/07/2013 05:26 PMPosted by Bankai
Bump until Blizz acknowledges this thread!

Page 564 it is!

I wan't to believe that the rumos that say that you guys are going to nerf Shadow Power and Rapid Fire are both a joke. Right?

Asuna-san needs a hug (>^^)>

I enjoyed the first video when it was posted awhile back. While I think RF Bombardment should have been used in combination with Bola Shot instead of Spike Traps (more AOE for trash while burning down the elite) it still illustrates the DH problem compared to other classes.
I actually just started playing again after about 9 months and was curious how DH edps compared to their pdps since I'm restarting from scratch.

I know in ideal situations my monks dps is 6-9x the paper dps depending on what weapons I use.
Every other class has stuff that works well together. Fury on proc, Arcane Power on procs etc etc....

Then you got monks who.... have an ability that hits for over 800% weapon damage.... like wtf?

No crap they deal more damage. It's SO EASY to fix us but they just don't care enough or even understand what to do to actually do that.
We got bad damage.

We got goo skills... (=_+)

They just gotten nerfed to unless-ness...
A lot of our skills aren't really... "goo"... they just do NO weapon damage.
Bump for hope.
Still hope Blizz will hear out the community. I think all classes agree that DH needs a buff.
04/08/2013 08:15 AMPosted by Axel
I think one can see why DHs are outperformed with just a glance. They have very low damage modifiers on skills compared to the other classes and this can cause them to be fairly slower in performance. This can also cause problems in Hatred management as well which some people have brought up recently I believe.

Also some of them have more hatred spenders then hatred generators.

If you consume more hatred then you can possibly regenerate obviously you will have less to go around compared to having just one.

I agree with the damage modifier though, some increase is probably necessary. How to go about it? No idea.
I bet blizz is waiting for this topic to reach p100, then they will give a buff.

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