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I always start items with a low opening bid. The AH went down shortly after posting some items recently. When the AH came back online, the items were sold for the opening bid amount. Nobody was able to raise the bid so items worth several million were sold for a couple thousand. I don't suppose their is anything that can be done about it now, just curious if anyone else experienced this...
Had the same problem, as no doubt thousands of other people.
but imagine the winners on the other side of those bids....sure you lost, but there are players there who won as a result...so the universe is balanced.
I sent a email regarding this a long time ago, the reply I got was...

Hey there,

Thanks for your patience! I'm truly sorry to hear of the disappointment you experienced due to the Auction house downtime. With regards to compensating players, I'm afraid that It's impossible for Support to offer restorations or compensation of any physical kind for Diablo III regardless of the situation that resulted in the loss. To clarify that includes losses that are the result of player error, and while less likely; game error. Restorations of any kind, directly, are not possible in Diablo III. While I definitely understand the disappointment for auctions that "would have" or "may have" sold in this regard for a higher-value, I'm sorry to say that this isn't a situation we can compensate players for.

We can only suggest that you consider placing your auction parameters for things you consider high-value at a greater starting bid. Regardless of any Auction house downtime, and assumptions of what future bids may be based on the items value, you will have to consider that any auction posted is done so with the agreement that you are potentially selling the item at the starting value you've set.

Thanks again for your patience.

basically defeats the whole purpose of HAVING a AUCTION house if I set a start bid of 1BIL, doesn't it ?

I guess if you push it, and if you push it any further, they'll start slinging the "EULA" wording around, sometimes the way these CS wording feels like my bank or those Insurance companies..

I dont ever recall ebay being down...

/shrugs... I'm just gonna go play, don't want to deal with anymore drama
04/11/2013 07:19 AMPosted by Ren
basically defeats the whole purpose of HAVING a AUCTION house if I set a start bid of 1BIL, doesn't it ?

imagine you actually went to an auction. you saw a car you wanted to buy ( probably repossessed.. you know how banks and stuff are.) anyway, what do you think the starting bid is going to be? 15$ or something more appropriate like 10K$. you see what im saying here right?

that trifecta you post doesnt have any business being posted for 1M bid start if the buyout is 75B. thats a ridiculous spread and your the one that is going to lose. it should be up there near 30-50B start to give people room to bid.
I was more or less referring to letting the market decide, ie; post a item that's worth a bil at starting bid of say 100K and let the market decide, it will sell for however much the bidders are willing to pay for it.

This obviously can't happen if the RMAH keeps going down at random, not to mention the loss I take since I buy gold to keep upgraded and was hoping I get back what I paid for the old item I was selling.

As you said if it was near 30-50B, someone would post 20B, then someone post 25B, its how a auction should work, since it's a 1D 12H auction and not a 15s quick sale auction you normally see at those you mention.

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