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04/15/2013 04:32 PMPosted by DeadRu
did not read.

Agree, a wall of drivel from a guy that stopped playing a month after release.

The point was that I quit playing a month after release for essentially the same reasons that are driving me away from the game again. Mostly related to the AH.
Get lucky and find good lootz to flip on the auction house is the only way I've found to get gear. If you look at my wizard , which I rarely ever play, I snagged the wand with 200 int, .25% ias, a socket, and 1077 dps for 10 million. Just got to get lucky drops on the auction house. I've played for over 2000 hours and found that its really the only way cause the drops in game are never any good.
Don't use the AH. Keep your gold to craft yourself some gear.

I mean, the new crafting recipes. You can either farm for them, or buy them really cheap. Then, just focus on farming Demonic Essence and crafting materials!

You can probably get a few upgrades easily.

I refuse. I've wasted a lot of gold, imho, on non capable gear, and I won't do it again anytime soon. I don't know about most of you, but my time IS valuable, and I shall not waste it on junk like that.

I'd much rather waste my time on random drops with friends, because as the OP said, and he is spot on, this game IS a huge gold sink, and it's not particularly fun. I've spent almost 300 hrs ( don't bother bragging you have 1k hrs, I do not care about childish bragging 'rights' ), MOST of it a great deal of fun, but I'm to the point where the fun is beginning to be a grind, and I say that with a great deal of affection for the visuals and gameplay mechanics B. setup.

To me, this is in everyway a wonderful sequel to D2:LOD, and for anyone to say otherwise isn't being rationale on any level. It's a shame the AH has become a sinkhole of inflation, but that's what happens when people get all psyched up about spending 300M gold on a amazing set of gear(s) that they need for mp5+.

I've played countless MP sessions, often with 3+people, and while it was yes, a lot of fun, the LEG drops were all meaningless, the rares equally meaningless, and the gold ( even with DECent MF in the several hundred range) as meaningless such that going to the AH to find Something worthy of projecting me past mp1 was a massive pipe dream.

Obviously, this is a game of heavy action, we know the AH waS going to be necessary ( after inferno completion , obviously! ) from B. Devs, so that level of difficulty is the answer to many of your complaints for end game. To many people, that IS end game, because really, how much fun do you really get, (and does it really contain any degree of longevity ?) from doing nothing but PVP. Most of us find that to be a great disgrace to the idea of a decent challenging RPG whether MM or local. If you need that, my guess is you'd be happier with COD ( as if ).

We know there are other games out there that offer a more, ahm,,consistent look drop fest, but I think B. wanted to offer us more challenge than that, so they tried their best to provide it, and giving us that as noted above might just be a great way to achieve it.

Whether its a 'time' investment or not, there needs to simply be a way for players to progress without feeling like they are running through mud to get there , and I mean that in a non belligerent way. As noted above, it sounds like that is on the way.
Do what Blizzard wants you to do, purchase gold form the RMAH.
Consider the fact that items enter the economy and basically never leave (except legendaries worth under the cost of brimstones) and that for how fast you gather items, there are a million people that gather twice as fast, hundreds of thousands that are three times as fast and some that are ten times as fast.

You will never catch up. Your options are only to spend real money, play the auction house for profit, win the lottery, farm a whole lot more efficiently and better than most people, or accept that you are not a top tier player. This is true regardless of if every item that dropped was a legendary or if everyone monster dropped 20 rares. It is the nature of random loot that is earned only by investing time. Given enough time, the economy is flooded, demand collapses, and you can buy great items for nothing but the top 1% of items will still cost millions. The only thing that changes is which items are those top 1%.

What will fix the game for you?

(1) Either ignore the AH or ignore any item over some gold value (it can vary depending on slot).
(2) Focus on having fun, not on making gold. Play multiple classes a bit, try budget builds (you can build full item sets for 200k gold now).
(3) Play hardcore where items retain their value better.
(4) Wait for the itemization update that should help you find more upgrades yourself, but remember that the AH will not change. The more upgrades you can find, the more the value of those items will drop, and you will be in the same situation compared to top tier farmers.
@OP +19028398934346. Couldn't have explained the issue any better.
04/15/2013 05:22 PMPosted by kastermaster
Why do people keep coming on the forums complaining about drops? This is a gear grinding game. If you are not willing to put in the time to farm then just buy your crap. Those 2bil plus items are meant to take months or years to drop. Some people will never get bis items that is just the way these games go. Either invest the time to grind or pull out your wallet.

That's a huge wish on your part, apparently. You no doubt hope people get tired of the grind, and buy your items, is that about close ?

To you, from me: No thanks.
I speak for myself.
Give it some time OP. Get some paragon lvls. The MF and GF bonuses really do make a big difference. You don't need the best gear to get paragon lvls. Once you get your mf and gf up those average items will seem much more affordable. Your character will get better and start to make more gold just by playing. You will find good drops but it will take time. Without a significant amount of MF I wouldn't expect to find anything of value at all.

Oh and BTW you are completely wrong about the crafting. The BOA crafting can get you some of the best items in the game for very little gold. They might seem expensive now but once you get some paragon the gold you make from playing can easily support your crafting. I made about 5mil on saturday and I didn't sell a single thing on the ah. 5 mil can craft a lot of items.
I guess salvaging is just one blue and one yellow, every time?
With current prices the break even point for vendoring rares seems to be a vendor price of right around 2000 gold. Less than that, you should salvage, more than that, you should vendor.
Op should leave. You are not belongs to D3 anymore.

Please come back in expansion.

Super inflation is just kind of result from D3 dev team stuip move. Core area and problem doesnt change from the very begining. Dont expect any more in coming patch

Thats all
Why would people want to buy gear worse then their own gear currently?

You should have stuck around and you wouldn't be in this situation.
Given my luck, I should probably start using the AH again. I quit doing so when I would buy an item and then find the same item but better shortly after. I always set a really low budget for myself, but I was buying the items because they weren't dropping for me in the game. The first time it happened I bought a Windforce for 1 mil, then I found a better one about a week later. The second time it happened I bought a 1 mil Manticore, 30 minutes later I found one that I sold for 565 mil after using it for 2 months. I then bought a Danetta's set for 1 mil each only to find better ones within the next 3 weeks. I'm still using those. I did this when gearing up my Monk and Wiz as well. None of my characters are geared all that great because I decided I was doing better just finding my own items and it was more satisfying to do so as well.
dual wield credit cards.
04/15/2013 06:37 PMPosted by davinci
I guess salvaging is just one blue and one yellow, every time?

there is a small chance you will get a brimstone from a yellow. I could probably count on my fingers how often its happened for me.

I have played since day 2 (Day 1 was just not happening) and have gone through a few stages. First I was stuck around 2 million gold, couldn't really make any headway. I realized it was because I was spreading myself to thin with different characters. I was getting some decent drops, but instead of selling them, they would go on one of my alternates. One pre 1.04 ring was 10 mil when it dropped, put it on my wiz and felt good for a while, but after the next patch it was vendor trash, shoulda sold when I had the chance.
After I started concentrating on my DH, my gold went up quite fast until I got to about 20 million and I stagnated again. This is when I got my first good drop, a dual socket manti 1150 dps, worth 50 mil at the time, but again I didn't sell.
After a while I finally got a 6%life steal skorn 1360 dps that sold for 260 mil(221 after tax).I sold off my manti for 35 mil and started maxing my MF/GF. Definetly worth it, stacks of 2-4000 gold, and averaging a leg an hour.

So my advice, concentrate on one character, sell when the selling is good, and max that MF/GF.
Also, don't put up good stuff with a vendor start price, I cant tell you how many items I picked up at vendor price within the last minute of an auction. If the item is good, sometimes it just takes a couple tries until the right buyer logs on.

You can play and farm and craft your own items. The problem is you are trying to shortcut the grind via the AH without capital.

Remember, while your items (which you think is good enough to sell) don't get sold or only sells for 100K, the same quality of items are also depressed into the same price range. So in other words, you are bartering low tier items with low tier items. So AH or not, it does not matter.

Your actual problem is botters flooding the market with gold and thus devaluing it. Thus while you can earn 600K per hour from gold pickup and selling gems, tomes etc, that value translated to dollar terms is a few cents. In comparsion in the old days of patch 1.0.2, the 60K you picked up actually translates to a much greater earning/purchasing power per hour.

So blame the right thing, Blizzard for allowing botters to ruin the game, not AH which is just a more efficient form of market. Hell, I wish my new current game Defiance have an AH.
You have to accept a certain reality: chinese gold farmers have flooded the economy with gold. There is now so much gold that even tier 2 items are now leaving the GAH for the RMAH because of the 2 billion gold cap.

So what can you do?

First, because of the higher drop rate since 1.0.5, you can get legendary and set items for cheap if you don't insist on perfection. You can easily outfit any class to survive inferno/mp0, and do it with one of two strategies:

1) gain paragon fast (optimize for kill speed, and do blazing fast mp0/mp1 runs)
2) load up on MF and paragon slower

So here are some steps, supposing you start from zero, jump in wherever you actually are:

1) Level to 60. People will power level you for free if you ask nice on weekend evenings. Use the PVE forum to get help. This should take no more than 5 hours.

2) Go back to nightmare, a3, mp10. You should be able to nuke that into the ground with even the worst equipment at level 60. Spend every 25k you earn on better items until you are feeling so overpowered you are ready for hell. Use pickup radius to make gold scraping easy. This should take about 5 more hours.

3) do hell, a3, mp10. You can get almost as much gold here as in inferno. Save up 2 million, then spend it on gear with AR so you can switch to inferno mp0. This might take 20 hours if you're really unlucky.

4) Now you can farm inferno, at least at mp0. Buy items carefully with whatever money you earn to get into mp1 which has a host of benefits. Might take another 10 hours to get equipped for mp1.

Now you're in good shape, you can potentially acquire any item in the game, and it's down to luck when (or if) you'll strike it rich and move up gear tiers. It may never happen for you (it hasn't for me), but if you're not willing to use the RMAH this is the only hope.

If you are willing to play the GAH game, save up 10 mil by scraping gold and selling items. Use that to find something underpriced (do searches for mid tier gear, and find the one that is mispriced). You're looking for an item that is priced with a buyout at 10% of the price of the next better (or better yet, worse) item. Relist it with a buyout at 50% of the next better item. Take your 25% gain and plow into additional purchases. Repeat until you have as much gold as you want.
@ Davinci

I can understand how you feel about the game. Add me and I can give you FOC some items for your toons to get you started. They are not the BIS but probably better than the ones you have. :)

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