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04/16/2013 03:23 PMPosted by atsbill123
no way I read all of that but...anyhow...You can buy great stuff for REALLY cheap in the AH all the time. You don't even have to camp at all. the thing is the super great stuff cost a lot of money. Not everyone can afford a Mercedes but at least in this game everyone can afford a good solid car, maybe just not the best.

Well said sir and a very good analogy.
flipping is really easy and 100m is 4 euro
Alots of stuff sells for arround 10m, best sale ever was 42m only and im pretty happy with my gear.
I totally agree with this post its hilarious watching all the hours people put into making these posts and considering the amount i have seen im pretty much at the point that blizzard does not care, they go at there own pace and that pace is backwards. So don't be alarmed when they open all our accounts and delete all our characters just for giggles and say the gold spammers did it

(We all know Botters, Multiboxers and Gold Spammers are welcomed by blizzard).

Like what company in there dumb founded minds allows multiboxing with a currency network attached to it.. DURRRPPP WAY TO RUIN YOUR RMAH AND ALL YOUR LOYAL DIABLO 3 FANS DREAMS!!!!!!!
Didn't read after you said how do I make gold. Um how about playing the game instead of quitting?
04/15/2013 12:33 PMPosted by dreams81
did not read.
1. You do not need the AH while leveling. I have tested it with many different characters and classes. I can work entirely off of drops and using the vendors. Now with five new characters I will be trying to work solely off of drops, because I have full faith that it can be done during leveling.
2. The reason why most players would have problems selling low tiered to mid tiered items is simple. The majority already have BiS gear as it is. So if you do not get gear that is in the millions of gold to put on the AH then chances are you will not be getting anything for it. So this one is not an AH problem it is a problem caused by the fact that hardly no one wants to reroll characters. Even though they can do just that. The majority of players would have to be forced to reroll characters by removing the respec feature in order to stimilate the economy for the lower tiered gear.
3. Flipping is something that even I am not sure how to do it right. I need more information in order to be able to pull it off properly.
4. It is true that they can improve on their search features in the AH and in time no doubt will do just that.
5. I say that the only patch that will change up everything will be the itemization patch. The devs know that they did a poor job on designing itemization and want to fix it.
6. I do not think that they can make it where gear would sell like commodity. Where the AH sets the prices. Doing so would cause the death of the AH system.
7. I am hoping that crafting is fixed when they fix itemization. In fact crafting can help fix itemization if they include it as a way to get a good item. Turning a rare that is garbage into a good upgrade with the right mats and a decent amount of gold. Something that any player could be able to make progress towards.
u just havent realized they broke the diablo franchise, there is some ppl like me hoping maybe some future patch might fix something, but for the most part this is a B2P F2P game with micro tranactions, and RNG so maybe a few ppl luck out, the rest of us are just SOL and prolly gota buy an expansion or 2 to get the game we want
some gears drop prices some dont :)
I stopped playing about a month or two after release, and then returned about a month ago. So I skipped several patches and came back with about 1 million gold and a monk that couldn't clear act 2 inferno before, but could farm MP1 act 3 after.

With 8k elite kills spread more or less evenly over 5 characters, mp1 farming is pretty much right where you should be. Focus on farming xp for now and the items will come. Personally i noticed a fairly distinct improvement in drops at paragon 25 or thereabouts.

I think that playing every char to 60 as you've done is a great idea, as it gives you a better feel for what each class values in items. Keep playing and your sense for what will and won't sell will get more fine tuned.

I share your absolute aversion to putting real money into the game, but that means we just have to work our way up one MP at a time. If you'd come back from your hiatus and been able to outfit a MP10 beast with your 1 million gold, what would've been the point? For those of us not using the rmah, the slow progression should be part of the fun, 'cause when you have the best gear, the game is over.
As far as AH goes, you do not have to use it. Because of many people constantly playing, as well as duping and botting, the amount of gold in game went up, as well as number of better items. Once people realize that no one will pay millions for a mediocre item the price will go down significantly. Also, economy and prices are being changed by people who want to "profit" after watching videos of people like Mordlan or Athene and following their "tips" about what costs what.

Eventually PVP oriented items will drive the prices in the economy, because people with a lot of in game currency are either botters/dupers/multiboxers or PvPers. There are many ways to make MULTIPLE fun builds for ANY class on a budget if you put some though into it. Just focus on some stats instead of everything (e.g. get Crit chance and crit damage OR attack speed, not all the goodies, stack life % instead of vitality, and other ways).

Playing at higher levels requires putting in a LOT of time. Those that are frustrated if they cant go above MP5 are often doing so because they want upper level gears quickly and easily without putting a lot of time into the the game.

I put a lot of time consistently because I think its a great game and I love to play it. With playtime comes the gear, knowledge, and ability to manage your in game money better.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the less you play and the later you started, the further behind top tier gear you will be. And you can only catch up in gear at this point by putting in real money. It is not for everyone, at least not for me.

So when you play this game set a bar for yourself toward what you want to get in the game, instead of trying to achieve a hard goal easily and quickly. It will not work without putting the time.

This game is first of all about finding YOUR OWN way to have fun, not observing what others do and trying to be like someone else. Just because you are not playing on MP5+ inferno and killing things easy it does not make you worse/better then any other player.
Like the other guy said just dont use the auction house it sounds like its just frustrating you. Excel really ?!
04/15/2013 12:30 PMPosted by davinci
I have finished leveling one character of each class to level 60 and honestly have been having alot of fun.

Those are the good times. From character level 1 to 60, Normal -> Nightmare -> Hell, you get a decent but gradually decreasing sense of progression from skill unlocks and items from in-game drops and/or crafting - not an efficient way but reasonable. But at least you do get progression.

Once you hit level 60 though, that sense of progression fades away quickly. Even Paragon levels don't help because your characters are not practically getting more powerful and items that qualify for an upgrade are getting rarer and rarer. This 'issue' is inherent with this item-centric design when there are no background system that supplements the random in-game item drops to grow a character's performance at 'reasonable' intervals.

If there are affixes on items that scales the defense and/or damage of a character base on Paragon level, then at least there will be growth.

Did you find your Monk and Wizard gears in-game? To the game, i think those items are considered way above what you think is 'mid-tier' quality.
Try following the 1d12h Legendary auction buyout stream under 100k and buying items that are being tossed away. I used this strategy a few months ago on the GAH and made a a couple hundred million. If I had to start from the beginning this is how I would go if I wasn't going to use the RMAH.

Specifically set your search to:
1) a generic class
2) armor
3) all armor
4) legendaries
5)set a buyout of only 111,111
6) set the arrow on the time of the auction so it shows the most recent auctions listed
7) hit search.check items. hit search check items. hit search................

You will be shocked at the items that are thrown away for cheap. I choose 100k because if I made a mistake I wouldn't be hurt if I had to resell at a loss or even vendor. There are some rings and amulets that won't make you rich but still make good money. I got lots of Unity, Oculus, and Squirt's that made nice money.

There are also lots of cheap green set items from IK, Natalya & Inna Radiance. Most are trash but if you get to know the market you can make a few hundred thousand and sometimes millions. Also a lot of players don't know what they have. An example: that IQ on a barb helm is really Resist All.

The downside of this is that you need to be careful in the beginning until you know what sells and what doesn't. Also you need to get good and buying quickly and eventually as soon as you see the item. For <100k some items are always good buys. And this is best in small doses as it gets tiring hitting search over and over.

I made lots of sales in the hundred thousands with the occasional multi million one. GL.
summary - you are complaining about being able to afford stuff which blizzard has no control over? you do realize players will just start listing their items for more right?

you could always try to play the game and actually find gear or stuff to sale vs whining that you deserve / should be able to get all the items for keep.

next you'll want the shops to be stocked with super great gear for super cheap as well.


note - cm wizard can do mp 3-5 on 1.5 mil worth of gear.. that's pretty affordable for anyone. I just bought gear 3 days ago

Actually blizzard has complete control. They could, with trivial effort, offer unlimited numbers of high end items at controlled prices, completely removing the incentive for most of the botting.
I could understand your frustration. Reading your replies, I could see that you now know that you could get decent gear for pretty cheap. It's hard to accumulate gold without being really lucky, flipping or playing a lot a.k.a. gold farming.

That said, I feel the best thing you could do is actually to learn more about the game. I personally keep up with the forums (class forums are usually more positive in nature). You could search for gearing guides, find posts about people being able to do mp10 with x amount of gold, etc. Looking at other people's profiles and looking at their gear and skills help too. While most people, myself included, tend to follow cookie cutter builds, sometimes you come across creative people who set up their skills and gear up differently.

As for "wealth management," the "poorer" you are, the more thrifty and smarter you need to be. I used to save up and upgrade one piece of gear at a time and buy really good items. It's better than using sub-par items which will depreciate in price much faster. However now, I try to gear as cheaply as reasonably possible. This means buying gear so cheap that I could actually sell it back for a profit when I don't want it anymore. Also I try to hold as little gear as possible. Prices are dropping so I'd rather have gold saved up. While gold is also depreciating, but that is more in regards to the best items in the game and in terms of the real money worth of it, which for me isn't so important. I can't afford BIS items anyway.
You are a weak player wasting our time. I laugh at your 8207 elite kills. Nobody here cares about your problems, My advice is to uninstall and go play Hello Kitty Island Adventure. Thanks for driving through and do you want fries with that?
Started from the bottom now were here.
well we are your not.
farm like we all did.

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