Finally mission accomplish para100 (lucky) HC

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So, after 400+ hours of average 300ms ping, daily lag spikes. probably 50+ d/c. ITS FINALLY OVER!!
(aussie isp all the way)

Thanks for all the guys that have been running with me and saving my !@#, you know who you are, Apocc, Vittalev, Thominator, Sw1d3r, Swisha, earlsworld, crazytime, spoolin, elitegod, dogfart, fatvirgin...and all the ones i missed.

wouldn't even make to para20 without awesome teammates.

Time to roll another toon....DH here i come.
Wow, congrats and I thought I was a diabloholic....
Grats mate, good to see!

now are you going to go for another para 100? or cheev hunt? or just random item hunting?
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There not spelling mistakes, Im speaking 'Ye Old English'
Wow, what an accomplishment, thumbs up to u.
The best part of that is not the fact that you got to P100 but that you did it in Pony lvl and took a pic. I love it mate GJ on you accomplishment.
Congratulations. That is a major achievement in hardcore. What are your plans from here? More farming or another character?
LOL thanx all, would love to see more Aussies play HC, i think its a complete different game to sc, but yeah i might start on a DH or WD, a little bit more challenging to stay alive with those toons then a barb.

I guess also in HC there is always rooms to upgrade and items actually still sell. duping and boting i think is at minimum, unlike SC (holy, top 40 barb are using the same ammy lol), but best of all is all the near deaths...that adrenalin itself is worth playing.
From what I have heard WD are quite an easy HC toon with all the minions they have, its a bit of a wall so to speak and quite a good distraction for the monsters to hit. I curently have a lvl 41 DH and must say that every step is a rush. I don't use the AH or vendors, but I have had some friends give me some decent gear to help me along which has helped out heaps. But, the DH is a great toon to run HC it makes HC what it should be.

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