Would you pay for another Online Only game?

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Just about every game I've purchased/downloaded in the last year has needed an internet connection of some sort--including F2P but always online Path of Exile.

I think this is the future of gaming, whether we like it or not. And we only have ourselves to blame for the piracy, hacking, and other ills that the gaming community has perpetrated on the industry.
No, not after EA closed down the DarkSpore servers for over two months while they continued to sell the game, I only ever played solo and had no option to play until customer demand caused them to re-open the servers, which in part was due to them trying to smooth over the SimCity fiasco, if it wasn't for that I'm sure they would have left them down.

Also D3 makes me unhappy as a dedicated solo player who doesn't use the AH.

But we may not have a choice in the future if the industry goes that way.
industry is trending towards online only...
which is funny because hackers get past it
and us that buy the game suffer...

well, we have a DRM free Witcher 3 to look forward
to at least..
I dont mind online only, but being able to play offline for single player is nice. It really depends on the game. D3 really should have had an offline option. Its never been that big of an issue for me though and I get why they did it.

edit: typo. D3 was definately an experiment also.
I wouldn't mind online only if two things were to happen:

1. The people running the game servers keep their servers running at optimal performance consistently. That means putting in the time and money to make sure your !@#$ works at launch and minimal downtime for maintenance. Then, when they decide to stop running the servers for the game, they have to release a free patch that makes the game work without being always online.

2. Internet providers must provide reliable high speed internet virtually everywhere in the world. Okay okay...we don't need it in the middle of the Sahara. I'm talking about those rural areas where %^-*ty companies like Windstream refuse to put any effort into making their service work properly. Yes, I'm in that situation and I hate Windstream. I wish terrible things upon their management daily.

Eventually, those two things can be provided and eventually we'll have always online gaming. We're just not quite there yet.

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