My HC MP-4 run is done

I got tired of waiting until I scratched up enough gold to upgrade my HC Monk for her next MP level and decided to just go for it. I beginning my MP-4 full clear of the game. Starting stats:

954K EHP
6577 Armor
760 AR
1.534 APS

And of course, every kind of sustain:
2.6% LS
312 LoH
1311 LpS
1979 LoK
63.2 LpSS
2035 HGB

So far, so good. Skeleton king has gone down and I've used Serenity twice. Had a triple pull in the area just outside town (start of the crown quest). Double waller, double arcane, desecrator, frozen, something, something, something... not really what I was fighting but it was a rush. Seeing my life globe go down more lately :)

This is reminding me why I started playing HC. I don't think I can go back to low MPs again. Hopefully it will be easier to find groups for mid-MPs when 1.0.8 hits. Assuming I survive until then...

Wish me luck!
Good luck
04/20/2013 06:58 PMPosted by Demiwraith
I got tired of waiting until I scratched up enough gold to upgrade my HC Monk for her next MP level and decided to just go for it.

That sounds like the sort of thing you write on someone's tombstone :)

Out of curiosity, what sort of levels were you aiming at? Were you looking to boost your DPS and defense to the point that MP4 would play like MP3 with your MP3 gear?

Also, good luck :)
That sounds like the sort of thing you write on someone's tombstone :)

Out of curiosity, what sort of levels were you aiming at? Were you looking to boost your DPS and defense to the point that MP4 would play like MP3 with your MP3 gear?

Yep. I set a goal of 75K DPS, 1m EHP which I fell a little short of. Roughly 1.4 times the DPS, 1.15 times the EHP and sustain of the MP-3 run.

So far, I've made it through the spider caves. 3 Serenities and counting. It feels like a pretty good level to be playing at. I can't fall asleep while playing and have to be on my toes a bit. The double and triple pulls can be interesting. If the game lags a bit at the wrong time, I'm feeling nervous .

The only time I seem to use Serenity is on Vortex enemies. I think I can say that it is the most difficult affix out there for me. It seems my survival depends most on good positioning, and Vortex messes with me more than jailer, waller, frozen, or whatever. Anyway, on to the Butcher...
I thought I'd be posting more about this run, but it's been uneventful since the last post. For some reason, this run is going so much easier than the MP-3 one. It really must be the excessive sustain. I really only added about 245 Life regen, but I also shifted by EHP to be coming from mitigation. Upped my mitigation ratio from 13:1 to 15.36:1 . It's made a huge difference. Interestingly, I really think the LoK and HGB are adding significant survivability.

And that's why I'm nervous about switching to any item that lowers my sustain, even a little. But last night I saw an Inna's helm in the AH, and had to pull the trigger. Only 48 LpSS as opposed to 63. And 200 less armor. But +41 AR, +39 Vit, and +64 Dex. I've broken 70K DPS and 1m EHP is in sight (two more levels or one purple gem upgrade).

I really don't see myself upgrading the helm again in the foreseeable future, which is good because I blew all my cash on it. At 24m, it's the most expensive item I've bought to date.

As for the run, I've just reached the Desolate Sands with my buddies Kormac and ZK. No Serenity uses since the last update. Usually, from VotA to ZK is the most dangerous part of the first two acts, so if anything's going to go bad, I'm guess it will be here. But so far, so good.

In other news, I just hit paragon 42 with this HC Monk. That means there's now exactly one completely objective measure by which she is better than Jco's Monk (up from zero). Go me! :)
Jco's monk sucks though all three of them for that matter ;)

Gl on your mp4 play through though man!
Don't Die.
Keep going, Demi!
annnnnnnnd she died
Good luck, Demi. I love to see hardcore players pushing the limit and not using the possibility of death as an excuse to exclusively play on MP0 if you are clearly overgeared for it.

My proudest achievement so far on D3 was making the decision to stop trolling the auction house for upgrades I thought I needed and venturing out into the deathtrap that was Act 3 back in 1.0.3 and not stopping until Diablo was dead. Fortunately, Brienne prevailed, but even if she would have died I would have still been damn proud of my attempt to truly test the limits.

So, props to you Demi. Good luck on your MP4 clear and never stop pushing those limits! THAT's hardcore!
04/24/2013 03:27 PMPosted by Abolist
annnnnnnnd she died

See, now that's not nice. You don't know how paranoid HC players are. I have an authenticator attached my account and know for a fact that I haven't logged in since I posted... And you still got me to check my profile to see if I had died somehow and didn't know it. Shame on you.

(I'm guessing you looked at my first Monk? He only made it to MP-3, sadly. He died chain-frozen and vortexed, surrounded by walls and on top of those newly buffed plague pits that I had underestimated. He stays undeleted to watch over my other HC characters)
Thanks TexaStranger.

I do try to be overgeared for the content, though. I'm not suicidal. I don't really mind those that have a lower tolerance for what is sufficient gear for a given MP. On the other hand there are many who would probably consider MP-4 conservative with my current Monk, and I wouldn't blame them.

I still do low MP pub games, especially when I feel the urge to tack on a paragon level or two. But right now, my overall goal is: what's the highest MP I can handle? And I can't say I can handle an MP unless I can completely clear out every area. No avoiding tight hallways or bad affixes. I'm not above terminating the run in the middle if I ever get a bad situation I can't handle, but I'd have to gear up some more and start over if that happened, and I'm willing to take some serious risks to avoid that at this point.
Well it's over. Nothing amazing to write about in Act 2. Didn't even use Serenity for the whole act until I snuck a KW run in after killing Belial.

Act 3 was mostly non-eventful. At that point I was thinking that maybe something was off in my calculations. I would have thought that this run would have been harder than the MP-3 run with current DPS and EHP compared to that run. But I guess that the major difference is that I really ramped up the various forms of sustain.

Act 4 though... Act 4 is my favorite. I wish they could make the game rest of the game more like Act 4 was you turn MP on. Terrorized is an appropriately named and scary debuff. The stuns and other debuffs really make this act my favorite. The enemies that don't debuff hit hard or have interesting attacks. I mean, look at this:
(hard to tell but it's a Horde elite. Fire raining down everywhere)

Proc'd NDE for the first time in ages. Fought Nightmare/RD/Shielding/??? Mallet Lords. A 3 Serenity fight with all the other stuff going on around there. I had to keep running back to the exit an waiting outside to get my Life back and get off cooldowns. Very intense fight.

Key Warden fight was pretty intense. With comparatively less DPS than the MP-3 run, the fight was longer. The longer the fight goes on, the scarier he is.

Diablo is always almost a let down. He really should get that Terrorized buff. He's the Lord of Terror for Pete's sake! He needs some more oomph badly. After him there was nothing more to do than a Victory lap around Whimsyshire.

Well, that's all I got. Time to go gear up a bit more for the MP-5 run. Looking forward to a gearing milestone: Only 2 more Vit and I hit 1m EHP!

EDIT: For my own benefit, recording the stats I finished the run with in this thread.
999K EHP
6418 Armor
1.534 APS

2.6% LS
312 LoH
1311 LpS
1979 LoK
48.9 LpSS
2035 HGB
Grats, I'll need to level up my main a bit I guess too.
Nice job, Demi!

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