Set value has been GUESSED - 15.6 Mil.

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Hey guys!

Now - before anybody gets on my case....yes, I know, my para 60 skews the stats. =) I'll post para 0 stats later in the post. Just thought I'd get some attention with a nice round figure. =)

Anyhow - I recently built a hyper-budget set for someone, something I hadn't done for a month or so. The quality of items I saw (and obtained!) on bid absolutely blew my mind, so I decided, just for fun, to see how far I could stretch a budget by building a bid-only set. I set myself a limit, and I wanted to see how far that could take me.

You can see the set on my toon now as I write this. I've imported it into D3up, and here are the para 0 stats :

DPS : 91,812
EHP : 431,630
Armor : 5070
Life : 38,168 (A bit disappointed about that)
AR : 641
Life Per Second : 774
24% MS
6% Melee Dmg Reduction
LS : 2.9
LOH : 505
APS : 2.04
CC : 45.5%
CD : 417%

This is with full movement speed (24), and 2.9 LS / 505 LOH for sustain.

The set is also snapshotted with some very basic gems (the stars I crafted from some I had in my stash), which will come with the set - obviously, some of you guys who have weaker gear but stronger gems will see much better results. I also have a set of gloves that has lower armor, but like 144 vit. They were SUPER cheap. I hesitate to use them because I'm afraid guys will gear around them and find them impossible to replace later...but they will also come with the set. They have CD instead of IAS and boost damage by about 500-600.

Also, I'm aware resist on bracers is wrong - I simply went for AR there for the higher number; when I was putting the set together, I wasn't counting on resists on gloves and wanted a higher resist number there. Found those for cheap, so I bought them.

So - how do you win? Simple : I want you to guess how much this whole shebang cost me. =) He/she who comes closest, wins. =) Once the value is revealed, I'd also like some input from the gearing gurus here as to how things could have been done differently, or if I could have had even more bang for my buck.

Giveaway will be Tuesday evening, around 9:00 PM CST (timing flexible).

Enjoy! =)

EDIT : To be clear, the value I'm looking for is gear only - not including gems. The gems, I had laying around in my stash (I crafted the stars) and will give away with the set anyways. This is just a gear pricing exercise.

EDIT 2 : I suppose that I should also specify, the set was built over the course of 2 days. Call it 2.5, to be more precise, but I wasn't at the computer all the time, not nearly. I was working full-time while building it. I suppose given an infinite amount of time, the same stats could have been attained with the same items (and benefits - for example, melee reduction on Nat's boots and such) for cheaper than I did end up paying for them. But, for those wondering, there you go.
I'm gonna guess, 2.5 mil.
38 mil.
34 mil
Withdrawn :D got some great crafts today
12m is my guess if all items won from bid
I don't want the gear, but I love the concept.

My guess: 24M
14.5m is my guess.
I'm guessing 7m, just for fun =)
I'll guess a respectable 30 mil on this .. unless you got some seriously crazy good snipe in every slots
Hey, let's not forget the 774 Life Regen on the set! I love life regen lately. I've been favoring it over even more Vit on a bunch of my gear, and I love that you snuck some onto the WH.

As for the price, it's really gonna depend on how long you took to make the set. If you really take your time, you can eventually score some amazing deals. Throwing out a number, I'm guessing about 8.4m.

I'm really looking forward to hearing how much you spent. Budget Monking FTW!
Wasn't really thinking about it, you probably spent quite a bit less than my prediction since you're talking about making a budget set :p

Can't change my "official" guess of 34m, but I'd say (having thought about it more) it was probably more in the 15m area :p
Okay, so my guess actually included the cost of the gems. Factoring that in, my revised guess is 19M. But I am guessing that I overshot it, because you are DA MAN! :)
16mil if you're a smart shopper
22 mil is my guess. Great giveaway idea!
Hmm, I'm guessing about 39 Mil...Thats how much I've spent on my monk and he has roughly the same amount of DPS, and I have a feeling you did yours for cheaper because why else make this thread?
love the concept id guess its 23mil
gl to whoever wins it, hope to see ur posts
im guessing 31m

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