Thinking of starting a self-found monk

After I hit plvl100 on my main monk, I will likely start a self-found monk. There are a few things I'm considering to help keep her purely self-found, but I am curious as to what self-imposed rules other self-found monks use.

Here are some of the rules I plan to hold myself to:

1) No GAH/RMAH use for buying (obviously). Selling will be allowed, but all proceeds will be used only for my main monk.

2) Use a different OWE resist from my main monk. I'm thinking poison or arcane.

3) Item sharing will be ok, but I will only share self-found items from my main monk, and I will not share anything until she reaches lvl 60. This includes gems.

3a) I am considering limiting the sharing from my main monk to items found only after my self-found monk reaches lvl 60. This will mean that I can't share my Unity or WH.

4) Accept no gear from other players. No trading. No buying directly from others.

5) No power leveling.

That's it for now. Do any self-found monks out there have any additional rules they live by?
I think you've got a couple of these backward. Selling items on the AH doesn't really provide a big benefit. Once you hit a certain level in the game, money becomes meaningless; in addition, tomes becomes the limiting factor for crafting. I've got 40M in my account, and it's been hovering between 36M and 42M for eons now. I've crafted 65 bracers, 45 globes, 30 shoulders, 21 amulets, and 10 chests. Hardly seems like much for 40M, right? Right. Why? Can't find enough tomes.

On the flip side, I think using your p100's items will provide a massive shortcut. Gems . . . hard to say. It has taken me all this playing time to accumulate a 90% CHD emerald, an 80% CHD emerald, and maybe five 70% CHD emeralds. Boosting a couple of those to 100% CHDs wouldn't provide a massive bonus (maybe 5%), but you'll appreciate your gems more if you have to collect them yourself. Regardless, reusing items and gems will effectively result in retracing the same ground with this monk that you did with your p100. And where's the wonder in that journey?
I started a self-found monk recently, without using gems/items/crafting materials/recipes found by my other characters. You should consider that way of playing, because you'll probably end up farming gear for your "self-found" monk with your p100 monk all the time. And by playing self found you're always finding upgrades, that's all the fun !
Just make a Hardcore monk.
Sharing gems is something I go back and forth on. It will take a lot of farming to make radiant stars, but it makes sense that I would appreciate them more if I farm them rather than share them. The goal is to appreciate the journey more rather than focusing on simply trying to buy the best gear, so crafting with only self-found gems and materials will likely add to that. I think I'll go that route now that I have some additional input. Thanks to both Vrkhyz and mTeasdale for your insights. : )

I don't anticipate that selling items in the GAH will benefit my self-found monk. In fact, any gold I get from selling gear obtained by my self-found monk will be used solely for gearing my regular monk. I probably could have worded that better in my original post.

The option of rolling a hardcore monk did indeed come to mind. I don't feel that the appropriate disconnect safety features are in place just yet. I average around one disconnect a month, and that translates to a lot of potential frustration in something that I do for leisure.

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