Stuck at the 270k dps mark need help.

My monk seems to be stuck at 270k unbuffed I can't seem to get out of this area even when I go to 1h weapons I stick around the 270k dps what items should I upgrade first? whats my worst item?

My monks only 3 days old and I sent him most of my DH gear I'm looking to get into the 350-400k unbuffed area but I'm not really sure what items to upgrade first.
well the only thing i can see that would be easiest to upgrade would be your rare ring. get some attack speed on it along with the cd and cc you have and your dps will jump up a bit. as for hitting the 400k unbuffed i would think you need perf gear
Pants with more dex. Crafted bracers with 6 CC and 300+ dex should probably boost your damage a little too. And some paragon leveling.
Was one of your one-handed weapons an echoing fury?
Yeha what jumps out at me as far as going for dps would be higher dex pants instead of high vit ones, could upgrade mempo, and the bracers are nice but could use either well rolled rares or better lacuni, and the rare ring is pretty good but at the least you could pick one up with higher ave damage and IAS would certainly be cool too. Nice monk though, very nice!
your rings also need more DPS

95% of the people over 300k dps as monks are wielding non-LS weapons.
Give up the AS on your bracers and go for crafted ones as mentioned above. 260+ Dex with 5.5 to 6% CC.

Get that AS back on your rare ring along with some min/max avg dmg. The trifecta is very expensive as we all know.

See if you can craft a better ammy with AS and high CD. I managed to get pretty lucky with a decent roll on my ammy.

Your monk looks pretty solid overall.
First off i would change that rare ring u could easily get like 5-10k dps with a better one secondly u need mad vit u want at least 45k hp
thanks guys for the info I was thinking around the same thing & wanted to make sure.
04/21/2013 08:45 AMPosted by RJTravis
My monks only 3 days old

IMHO Get familiar to the class before going for another major overhaul and realize that you gain a few seconds kill time & lots of bragging rights.
Just get whatever you can with what's left on the limit of your mom's credit card.....
04/21/2013 09:49 PMPosted by Omniscient
Just get whatever you can with what's left on the limit of your mom's credit card.....

I got 273 hours on my DH & 134 HR on my warrior in that time I couldn't have gotten this gear right? I must have payed for everything on the RMAH right?

The only thing I paid for was for some tempest rush gear & my weapon.

Sorry if you can't get any drops with your rolls xD

News flash most of my gear I just pulled off of my DH as the monk uses the same gear in most slots.

Back on topic I got a new rare ring today! so I'm happy
04/22/2013 12:53 AMPosted by Fitz
Another Two Hander Cookie...

Whats so wrong with using a cookie cutter build? I mean thats the whole point in a cookie cutter build.

The 2H is just temp I'm waiting on a drop or if I can spot one with the right stats on the GAH i'm siting on 8Bgold to pop on a 1h
got 273 hours on my DH & 134 HR on my warrior in that time I couldn't have gotten this gear right? I must have payed for everything on the RMAH right?

Well....lets see....I'm just spitballing here but I do a fair amount of AH searching. I'll err on the light side.

Gems: 700M Weapon: 1B Helm: 800M Boots: 1.5B Nats Ring: 1B Belt: 500M Chest: 750M

Pants: 100M Ring 500M Bracers 500M gold if my math is right. In 400 hours of gameplay. Meeeee getting good rolls? Ummmmm, no. You, kind sir, are the luckiest man in D3.
I have roughly 1300 combined hours and 58k+ elite kills on my 4 60s. Not accounting for the new crafted items which I've done fairly well on, my best found item is about as good as your worst found item. To date I have 1 item that sold for 160m, the 2nd highest item sold for about 65m. I do recognize my luck is probably a little worse than the average.

That said, all it takes is 1 really nice find and you can finance a dozen characters. Even if you didn't, its ok to buy some gold or play AH instead of D3. Being dishonest so you look cool in a forum that 1.4 billion people in China never heard would be pretty lame but either way it really doesn't matter.

Anyway, to answer your question, you've got lots of room to upgrade damage to your pants, and a little room on the rare ring, neck, and bracers. Overall nice gear set. I tried doing a skorn build but after Fitz made fun of me for a week straight I felt so stupid I had to sell it. I kiiiid, I kiiiid. In all seriousness, I found it too slow and recommend you look into a beast EF OH and a MH with high DPS, CD, and OS. If you really rock the wpns could could have a hypothetical 420% cd on just the mh/oh alone. 340% is easily attainable with just 2 60% wpns.
Very nice gears already.

9/6 mempo
Craft for quad ammy
Craft better gloves
Quad rings
Boots with 20+ more dex

Probably easier to crack 300k dual wield.
I got 382 cd combined with my weapons.
Another 80 more cd for you = 30k more

Won't be cheap
GL shopping
You realize your pants, boots and bracers all have movement speed on them?
Lol at skorn .
Why the hell are you running OWE, 491 resists.......

Love you, mean it!

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