Lashing Tail Kick

Two great skill runes are found here.
-Hand of Ytar
-Spinning Flame Kick

Both could make great builds centered around those two skills as main attacks.
I have made a LTK build utilizing cost reduction and spirit regen.
Total of 18 Spirit Regen, and LTK cost reduction down to 16.

This works as far as 1APS, but ive tried this on mp5 ((although not with the greatest gear, but 700allres & 120k unbuffed sheet dps)) and the spinning flame kick range feels too short to be viable, as well as hand of ytar having too small of an area of effect. A small increase to the range of the fire tornado((along with maybe making it proc sweeping wind)), and increasing the area of hand of ytar would go a long ways for making this build viable.

Any other suggestions//comments//experiances with LTK?
Also because of how low ((18Spirit regen w/ 3 passives)) its hard to work with having near 1APS so spirit cost/regen is relatively close.

Maybe another gear slot w/ spirit regen would offset.
Or revamp Innas set bonus to give +33% spirit regen instead of +.33 regen
Go lookup the procs of all the runes. Hand of Ytar or Scropion Sting all the way... either are very viable if you get any -cost gear and use a Sweeping Wind-Cyclone setup - Ytar's proc rate is pretty high.
Here is my experience with lashing tail kick

Changes I would like to see that I think are realistic

1. Option to search for lashing tail kick in AH on jewelry
2. Reduce spirit cost to 25 (maybe 20), but 25 would go a long way
3. Remove knockback on spinning flame kick, and let it refresh sweeping wind
4. Remove line of sight requirement from ytar, change it to lightning damage. Larger area on ytar would be nice, but I think it would be too good potentially, unless it was just a slight increase
5. Vulture claw kick, this might be a lot of work to code, but I think t would be nice if it would leave a fire patch on ground, monks lack these type of tactical skills

I think 3 piece inna's should be 2 spirit per second, or maybe even 1. Spirit regen is very powerful on a monk, and should not be super easy to acquire . Monks are not meant to be played like mages, but if you want to do it you should have to make some sacrifices. The buff to wave of light in particular would make monks way too good with another potential 33% regeneration. The fact that barbs and wizards can instantly fill up their resources is bad design, and I don't think giving all classes the way to do it is a wise long term decision (sorry not looking to make this a debate on resource systems).
They just need to make the aoe radius a good amount bigger for every rune, would make it viable imo.
I don't think viability is its main problem. It is definitely more than viable. I think the issue is a complete lack of available gear for it. You have to get both minus to lashing tail kick as well as spirit regen. The randomness of Mara's and skull grasp make it very very hard to find suitable gear. And having a subpar ring and amulet really is what makes this seem not viable.

I am looking forward to the itemization patch. I think they could quite easily make lashing tail kick much easier to gear for.
The line of sight idea would just end all Pvp games and make it a little too easy to just set up around a corner and out of no where Bam a blast of light dicintigrates you. I am all for the buffs to LTK and procs for spinning flame kick is a definate start.As for the search.....I don't mind the search ,it keeps the lightweights out of the hunt.
Good ideas as far as spirit regen & overall cost reduc to LTK.
I agree that 33% spirit regen would make it OP. I was thinking in terms of a sword/board build for an ilvl 63 lidless wall. Spirit regen AND lashing tail kick cost reduc on one piece. the only problem comes in when you count your max regen.

~2 Soj
~2 Inna's helm
~2 Fist Weapon
~2 Lidless Wall
2 Chant of resonance
1 Exalted Soul
= 11 Total. ((up to mid 12's w/max rolls))

~5 cost reduc maras ((Only reason why I use this other than to make the build work, is that it gets three random props. best possible roll: Crit chance//crit damage//dex/vit making it a pretty damn good ammy at that point))
~5 Soj
~5 Lidless Wall

If you grabbed a skull grasp your dps would just plummet over using nats ring+boots, or even a crit damage unity.

((although I just realized that with MoH:circ//SW:inner storm that would be still 17 spirit))

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