Enough Lore left for an expansion?

Lore and Story
Covetous Shen is the lord of greed. that jewel he is looking for contains his power. karyna will become the new jewler
Plenty of lore.

An archangel is missing if I am not mistaken.

We know little about the fates of the heroes who defeated the Prime evils two decades ago (read: D2 player characters)

That is what one of the expansions will be, I can almost guarantee it. Malthael is missing, wandering around Pandemonium with all of that wisdom, knowledge, and what I see as a vault of artifacts. If he was shaken by the Worldstone being destroyed, I sincerely doubt that he is pleased that Tyrael took his spot on the Council. The Angeris council won't survive in its current form, and there is a lot of beef that needs to be played out over two expansions.

As an aside, Pandemonium being a huge, random, and re-playable dungeon would be awesome from a player's point of view. It would make sense lore-wise, and it would satisfy some of the complaints that players have had about the game.

In response to the Diablo II heroes....

The Barbarian is the same, I thought.

The Necromancer is who we run into in an event in Act 2.

The rest of them, nothing is coming to mind immediately, but they covered it in Diablo II (Bloodraven, The Summoner, and Big D himself), so I assume they'll get the other heroes in there sometime.
There's lots of content for the expansion story:
- Hunting Adria
- Rescuing Leah's soul
- Possibly dealing with Imperious
- The emergence (or re-forming) of Tathamet
- Seeing other parts of Sanctuary

... and much more.

An interesting thing about your last point: one of the pre-launch promo wallpapers blizz had for this game was a big greece like metropolis on a crescent shaped jungle Island, which never made it to the final version. I'd like to see it though, as it looks like an awesome location.

Well someone please correct me if I'm wrong but the way you cast down all 7 evils at the end of this story would just have sent their souls back to the void, so they will be reborn in time, I'm hoping that mephisto at least possible diablo and baal spring loose first. Maybe the end of act V or whatever could be fighting all 3 at once much like uber tristram in diablo 2. Even if this is not the case, Sanctuary is a largely unexplored world with endless possibilities to spin story off of.
uhh we didn't even find out what happened to malthael the archangel of wisdom throughout diablo 1-3 and we still needa hunt adria down. OH and also diablo's coming back for sure
I'd like to see Mephisto make a return as prophesied in D2 when hes opening the portal; also other sources prophesied the throne of hatred taking command. Inarius is pretty much put out of commission; Mephisto mutilated him quite literally.

However the Lord of Hatred still has soul fragments unaccounted for; we destroyed the largest shard, but the remaining fragments in the council members are still intact.

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