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04/25/2013 10:20 AMPosted by Rhaps
@Iria - Holy Batman, you have high Dex and Vit lol. Looks like you're rocking your brawling setup, which I give 9.5/10. Any upgrade on your part will cost billions... So jelly right now haha.

Not quite, it was my PVE gear with some brawling skills set since I was testing damage before I logged out. In actual brawling, I use a SoJ and more discipline.

You may skip me in the order since I am just replying to a previous comment.
@ Down, love the gear, great setup overall, 9.5/10 only because I'm not a big fan of extra disc on DML. ;-)
@Down - That's awesome man, I was running darn near the exact same setup less than 2 weeks ago until I got my current gear. Having a full nats is very underrated, and with a manti, it's more useful than most people that have never used it know. The speed at which you can farm the lower MPs can't be replaced by the extra 20k dps you can get from a mempo. I'm sure you're in the processs of it, but your next move is crafting some shoulders with some vit, other than that, your upgrades are pretty minimal for the price you're going to pay.


EDIT : Skip me and go to Oscar, I was in the process of typing and he beat me to the punch.
@Saints- Really good gears for low mp farming. Get some pick up radius may help. 9/10
@Godlike, What a smart build and a great Yellow weapon too! If DH's were a DPS class, you'd dominate. Nice build! 8.5/10
@Oscar, I was trying MP 10 Ghom runs. Couldn't get it under 61 seconds. That's why the extra disc DML and no Vit shoulders. I have already been rated so please skip this reply.
@Blitzkill Nice setup, more life should help you out a bit. 7/10
@snickers - Nice all around, but kindof odd that you have Bola shot on DML and Spike trap on chest, but dont use either.
@ Rukkian I was doing some low mp farming so switched to BL and Hungering. Sad to say that high MPs are a chore when any of my other characters kill faster.

Abit low on Vit and AR
very nice crafted bracer
Can craft better amulet
Can get better DML (higher dex and Vit) and higher vit and AR cloak

I must say ,I kinda like ur crafted glove ..well done

I'll give you 7/10

I'd give you a 9.5/10 only because I don't believe in perfection :)

Also, looking at my guy, you might see why I'm not quick to judge.

I only play this guy part time, but would love to get some advice (obviously) on how to improve him (long way to go)

04/25/2013 11:46 AMPosted by snickerers
@ Rukkian I was doing some low mp farming so switched to BL and Hungering. Sad to say that high MPs are a chore when any of my other characters kill faster.

Snicker doesn't need to use those modifiers, he just goes in game and type gg. Modifiers are for chumps
@ Iria
100% self found on my gear. That's why I'm rocking the dual wield setup and my DPS is low. It's only like 83k with Archery instead of Sharpshooter. I recently changed up a few pieces to gain about 20k DPS, but I lost about 200 AR in the process.
Gonna get all the ones missed... Especially since I have a tendency to get skipped here too.

@ Snickers, 10/10 for cracking 300k with L4N

@ Arkaeon 3/10 heading in the right direction, you know you've got a lot of work to do. Gems are easy, more dex, more crit, more CD. I hope that isn't too obvious. :-)

@ SirCris 4/10 for using a DW setup at lvl 60 with low natural crit and being forced into Sharpshooter. Hitting 30-40% CC with Archery is not a hard target to hit, you can do it. Even just switch out sharpshooter for Archery you'll probably be better off overall.
@ Oscar
I switch my build up a lot. I go back and forth between Archery and Sharpshooter, but honestly I don't notice a difference in kill time, but I do see more crits with Sharpshooter. I don't have Nightstalker currently because I'm not discipline starved, but Sharpshooter does help when I'm running a build where I use more Discipline. Honestly, I'm not concerned about the big DPS number, I just want to survive while still feeling challenged. If I see green numbers in two spots I usually switch to that piece of equipment. Right now I'm happily running MP5 with my current setup.
@Oscar I love your setup. High DPS considering that you're using a Calamity and Stone of Jordan. Only items that I would try to upgrade if I was you are your Witching Hour and Natalya's ring. The good thing about your WH is the high amount of dexterity that it has. But it doesn't have a EHP stat, like % life, vitality, all resistance or armor. And the Natalya's Reflection. Other than that... Maybe crafting some bracers? I need to craft bracers too xD.
@shndany haha yes bracers will definitely be your most cost effective upgrade as you have a very nice DH. It's difficult to check all the stats with a phone so I must ask, what is your AR and what do you usually farm at this point(mp/act)?

Your non craftable upgrades are pretty much beyond gold cap items which is where some of my slots are and it isn't easy to find good deals to get ever so slightly more dps/ehp without losing anything.

So out of 10, I'd say 9.2-9.5, there are some dhs out there better, but not many!

As far as who rates me, I think I have my calamity equipped for some high MP stuff, but I usually use a manticore and swap out archery for vengeance

Edit: actually looks like my gear is right, but something is wrong with the actual stats it's showing in the bar below main stats. Should be something like 3300 dex 1200 vit, and close to 340k dps. not sure what's going on

Very nice setup, my friend. Only thing I can imagine you upgrading for any real boost would be a nats with avg damage as well and maybe a higher dps Manti... otherwise, looking great!

Really nice crit chance and love the Calamity bow. If I ran that same gear I would try running a max crit dmg emerald in the bow since your crit chance is so high. Have you tested that to see what kind of dps you get?

Well, I tested the difference of a red and green radiant, and the red came out on top... at least on paper. I could always run it through D3UP to see if that's really the case. But based on everything I have seen or heard of other DH's who roll with a Calamity, marquise rubies are where it's at due to the high dmg% increase. Worth a look though, I suppose.

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