I just rolled a dps strength trifecta neck

6000 and counting . . someday, someday.
(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
I've rolled 300 amus since i first read this thread :(

gratz I live in hope.
Jesus dude. Best barb neck in the world? If not it is definitely a contender.
And Barb isn't even your main! Not cool man.

I am re-rolling some IAS or min-max damage onto mine as soon as Blizz adds the Mystic back.
I can't help feeling trolled everytime I look at that extra health from globes.
im jelly...
I rolled a trifecta finally yesterday its on my female barb but nothing as good as this guys
wow lucky , i still havent crafted anything decent. that might be the best craft evar
That's most likely the best amulet in the world. You should build around it now. Still in shock.
How many teeming necklaces is this worth?
OP has a sick trifecta glove too with str and vit. So jelly, so mad.
Was that crafted as a vitality amulet?

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