Aesthetically, What Is Your Favorite Armor Set?

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I like the Monk helm that has the long white hair in it samurai look. Wish it could change the hair color with different dyes.

I do not like any spirit stones they are by far the most basic looking items in the game and you can't see them. Tal Rasha's chest piece looks great on female monks.

Here's a pic of my lovely lady.

Fist of Az'turrasq has a great effect. Doom pauldrons and the level 62 shoulders look good on monk female, not as big a fan of the archon ones. Firewalkers with effect too.

We need some claws more akin to the art in Diablo 2. A few Cestus types, a few wolverine claws etc. I want a big oversized demon hand with long nails etc. Cool effects like the ole wow rouge shoulders that have tentacles that whip out etc. Need more effects. Add really different effects for skill runes some are barely noticeable in their differences!
The one that doesn't "drop" from the AH.
Blackthorne's set for the female wizard was really well done:
The Immortal Kings Set. It also looks pretty cool when your shoulder armor is invisible and your pants are Blackthorne's.
Who knows since most people haven't tried on at least 75% of legendary items since they aren't viable options.

We'll see once the itemization patch is implemented.
u can try them on, see how the look, and they go back to your "efficient" gear...
04/24/2013 07:20 PMPosted by SOC
Monk's tier 5 set is the best IMO. It matches and fits the class so perfectly and overall looks great. My favorite part are the greaves.
definitely i LOVE that helmet, i wish i could play an endgame monk with that helmet.
04/24/2013 08:08 PMPosted by Eratosthenes
The barb gear that was seen when the game was first shown to the public was the best I've seen. I want that helm...
yea i want that helmet too! it kinda looks like a demon skull over a metal helmet or something, very similar to concept art, i WONDER WHY?! they took that out of the game.
I don't like most of it, because they make my characters look like cyborgs.

Style wise I like Natalya's, Blizzard needs to tone down the exaggerated looks and keep them clean and simply.

Also, have too many low armor tiers is useless since everyone rush to Inferno anyway, so much for spending so much time on designing them.

You know, it feels like when they made the armor and items for D3 it seems like they just wanted to add more "spikes" on it. Because everyone knows, spikes make things look "cool"!

Feels like throwing weapons on cars. Because guns make even the worst design look "cool".

But sometimes less is more.
04/24/2013 07:30 PMPosted by Renno
I don't like how its only the helm, shoulders and weapons that are actually different, the rest of the set pieces and legendaries are all the same per class just differently coloured... for example a low lvl legendary chest piece is the same looking as a lvl 60 legendary chest piece just a different color. therefore a favorite set is hard when they are all aesthetically the same


My favourite armor would be the zunimassa's chest, but when i worn it with the wizard for the first time i was a bit disappointed.
I like your artwork on weapons ( except for shenlong's fists, they seems street fight gloves) that came out with patch 1.0.4, so i guess there aren't too many problems to do the same with all legendary armor items
I'm a huge fan of Inna's Grandeur, but I prefer to take off the Spirit "Cockroach" Stone (Inna's Radiance)! Mempo of Twinlight is more cool than it!
I like the previous tier sets that are unnamed & which most are forgotten in diablos current state.

tier 5
tier 8
tier 9
tier 10
tier 13
tier 15

Demon Hunter
tier 7
tier 9
tier 10
tier 14

tier 4
tier 7
tier 10
tier 12
tier 16

Witch Doctor
tier 6
tier 8
tier 10
tier 13

tier 7
tier 10
tier 13
tier 16
I'm quite fond of just about every armor set ilvl 60-63, though I'd have to say that I think the female Wizard ilvl63 (Archon) set is my favorite. I'm a big fan of the epic fantasy style and Blizzard has done it well in the past with many of the WoW sets. Having said that, I think you guys could go a little "bigger" with D3 armor. You can't see your character as well as you can in WoW and I think that allows for more "show". More lighting and particle affects, bigger shoulders/helms, and MUCH darker and bolder armor Dyes, etc.

My least favorite set in the game is the Natalya's DH armor. It's just kind of ugly :( Sort of looks like a hipster pirate lol
Hey, thanks for listening VAE... I see what you did there :P

Ok, I know Blizzard has a thing for beefing up weapons and armor to an outlandish point... which works with your IP World of Warcraft... I have just about every art book you guys have made with your "collector's editions" and I have seen how (beefing up) is a constant concern for all of your "newer" artists... I say newer assuming that most of your teams understand what you guys are looking for... that being said... I want more of this...

I'm a big fan of the large shoulders but that does not mean that everything has to be this way. Please consider making some new sets in the templar vein and use this picture as a guide. In other words, "slenderize" everything...create something that is neat, but also stems from reality... and do the same with monster designs...
The stuff DH wears on the "Make a character" menu.

Oh you mean something we can get? iLvl 62 (non-leg) gear on DH (especially with all Purity Dye). Looks pretty sweet together.

(And yes, for both cases I mean the female DH. Dk how male DH looks with it all, but female looks badass in a scary awesome way. Maybe that's just me. But hey, I wouldn't mind if it was just me. Someone said that I'm weird to someone I know the other day, I jumped into the conversation and said "Thanks". :P)
Female Wizard: Etched or Brigadine (Just not the helm)
Male Barb: Plate Mail
I honestly think the aesthetic of most armors and weapons are ridiculous, childish, unrealistic or just plain goofy. Maybe more of a realistic aesthetic could be implemented? Maybe a more Diablo1 or Diablo2 style aesthetic?
Or Gothic age Medieval? (which is what a lot of the previous diablo stuff was based off of)
I honestly think the aesthetic of most armors and weapons are ridiculous, childish, unrealistic or just plain goofy. Maybe more of a realistic aesthetic could be implemented? Maybe a more Diablo1 or Diablo2 style aesthetic?
Or Gothic age Medieval? (which is what a lot of the previous diablo stuff was based off of)

I agree. There are some nice models in the earlier tiers though.

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