Aesthetically, What Is Your Favorite Armor Set?

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Thing of the Deep!
Monk's tier 5 set is the best IMO. It matches and fits the class so perfectly and overall looks great. My favorite part are the greaves.
legendaries in this game diablow.
It would be nice if they dropped like they did in D2
04/24/2013 06:28 PMPosted by Vaeflare
In terms of pure aesthetics, what is your favorite armor set in Diablo III?

1) IK / Nat set win hands down. (I like black theme)
2) Inna (I like blue theme)
3) Tal Rasha
4) Zuni white is nice but looks very tame.
IK chest with inna's pants and ice climbers looks goofy.

I really like the fire walkers effect burning the ground.

EDIT - Honorable mention - thing of the deep
04/24/2013 07:22 PMPosted by captured
legendaries in this game diablow.
Male Wizard: Archon set
Female Demon Hunter: Sovereign Mail, hands down.
Barbarian: Archon set
Witch Doctor: Archon set
Male Monk: Cindercoat and Firewalkers look great on my Fire Monk.
All garbage to me.
04/24/2013 07:20 PMPosted by SOC

I think you are referring to the "Plate Mail" set also seen here:

It's missing the prayer beads which look awesome on your screenshot, though...
Can we vote our least favourite? Calamity needs to glow more, or do something. Windforce puts it to shame aesthetically.
I don't like how its only the helm, shoulders and weapons that are actually different, the rest of the set pieces and legendaries are all the same per class just differently coloured... for example a low lvl legendary chest piece is the same looking as a lvl 60 legendary chest piece just a different color. therefore a favorite set is hard when they are all aesthetically the same
Natalya's sight with Zuni Marrow chest on a female Wizard
Low level monk armors (Clothes)

Because they match perfectly with the Monk.
04/24/2013 07:05 PMPosted by BluntNut
The inquisitor cloak for the demon hunter!

Yes. I wish Natalya's cloak was as cool as The Inquisitor visually.
Vanishing dye set because everything clashes either in texture (rare tiers), color (can't match Tal's armor), or is simply ridiculous (IK armor).
its not a set item but a rare voodoo mask for the witch doc, had tentacles that moved arround. was awesome, love to rock that again but stats way to low
The barb gear that was seen when the game was first shown to the public was the best I've seen. I want that helm...

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