Aesthetically, What Is Your Favorite Armor Set?

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Blackthorne's chest piece on a female Monk. It's so hot, it melts your heart. (%
Hands down #1 Helm: Blind Faith <<< see my WD, love everything about this item. It is very plain, yet very weird and somewhat offputting at the same time. Screams an item with amazing hidden

Next best helm: Visage of Giyua <<< what's not to love about a weird googly eyeball?


Best Weapon: Last Breath <<< again see WD. Looks amazing. A red-hot burning ember. Too bad it's crap. :-(

Next best weapon: Vigilance <<< a lot of promise, maybe a tad too flashy with the ribbon, but like most 2H weapons, it does not deliver on stats

Honorable mention: Azurewrath <<< love it except that it's a tad too large. Too bad it sucks now that gear snapshot was ruined.

04/24/2013 06:47 PMPosted by Zyron
Ask me again after 1.0.9

04/24/2013 06:42 PMPosted by DaFemaleBoss
Blackthorne's on female Demon Hunter.


I like the Beckon Sail on her too, but it needs a buff.
Just the picture alone, BT pants. They actually look like pants

On the character, the zuni chest is awesome. Love the white robes
Any combination of Voodoo Mask, Cerimonial Knife, Mojo together looks great.

I feel the wizard source graphics could be improved upon.

I really enjoy the wings from the collector's edition/hots preorder. Moar stuff like this plz. >:)
04/24/2013 06:42 PMPosted by DaFemaleBoss
Blackthorne's on female Demon Hunter.

On female wizard too.


Mempo of twilight and Oni-blade is the next best combination.
I'm a fan of BLOCK CHANCE items. I wish you could find them with level 63 affixes.
please do something about oni blades, titan axes/swords and behemots
they look absolutely stunning but are absolutely useless

a waste of good artwork

forgive me for going OT but just read oni blade from a prev poster and could not resist
ilvl 63 Barb set, default color/skin is amazing... if only....
Zunimassa's Marrow on a Wizard for sure.

It's a nice, clean, shiny, powerful-looking piece of armor.

When I'm gearing my characters, I want that look. Robes and rags just don't cut it.
Visage of Giyua by far. Upon zoom in the one blinking eye makes the WD look awesome!

Weird link, but hosts a gif of it -
Blackthorn's on a female monk. Rawr!

I refuse to use a male monk with innas because the chest makes him look like a court jester.
Warmonger looks pretty cool.

Zuni helm and string of skulls looks cool

Cinder Coat looks cool

Blackthorn on Wiz looks cool
Hallowed defender set is very nice- both the weapons and the shield. Especially Hallowed Reckoning- someone called it a lightsaber when I used to use one. The Inna's set is also very nice with the blue shiny color.
I like blackthorne's chest.
Wizard - Tier 6 hands down. I love this look.

Barbarian - Tier 10 or Tier 16.

I haven't played enough of the other classes to care.

For those of you looking for all the tier armor looks:

enjoy! :)

Maybe you will do a poll in the future for Weapon aesthetics, but the Grandfather looks so freaking awesome. Too bad Skorn is better in every way.

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