Aesthetically, What Is Your Favorite Armor Set?

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vile wards are pretty dope looking , dem spikes
04/25/2013 10:53 AMPosted by RedCell
stylism over realism

This is where they went astray... realism is what made this game great... I believe this sums it all up nicely...
Blizzard has got to learn to keep it's IP identities by keeping with the aesthetics that work for each genre... Warcraft looks one way, Starcraft another (although it has been somewhat infiltrated by WoW)... and lasty Diablo must retain it's image... sadly, WoW has polluted it as well... and what we are left with is a clean looking George Lucas-esque sequel that craps on the old gritty aesthetic...

Don't get me wrong, you all have done some fantastic artwork, but it is OFF in this respect... and if you can't take this critique and process it with humility, you have no business in the art world... this is a fact and a majority of people cried out about this cartooning of our beloved Diablo from day 1. Fat monsters with little feet, goat men of all sizes... etc. We don't need that... we need them all to be realistically sized and proportioned.
04/24/2013 06:36 PMPosted by Hien
transmog please
Blackthorne on male barbarian. The only armor set that reminds me of D2 armors.
Azurewrath, easily.

It's a shame the bad development team made that item so worthless. I wish I could dual wield those.
Also another one they fudged up is Tyrael's Might on a Barbarian.

I loved how in D2 it was a full body armor, something you think an angel or Tyrael would actually wear. What's with the belts/straps? Looks weak, Blizz. Fix that and the IK helm. First fix the itemization though.
Griswold's Masterpiece and skycutter
The Grin Reaper
04/25/2013 11:22 AMPosted by LegitBeastin
transmog please
Blackthornes set.

Any rare dyed right.

And hallowed defender or storm shield .
Weapons: The Grandfather (THIS is how you do a greatsword), Wan Khim Lau, Windforce (awesome effect), Sunkeeper (the quintessential paladin mace)

Helm: Blind Faith (I LOVE THIS THING), Stormcrow (really great-looking with the right armor set, combined with Vile Ward and a brown chestpiece, makes your mage look like some kind of dark-magic summoner out of the Conan universe)

Chest Armor: Immortal Kings (just the classic dark knight look, love it), Beckon Sail for DH (not too flashy, but rogue-like and dark, absolutely perfect)

Shield: Stormshield (I dig the magic-infused, reflective effect, it actually seems like it's both powerful and hard to crack, but I wish it was just a little bigger)

Shoulders: Vile Ward (overused but still badass), Death Watch Mantle (same idea as Vile Ward but more modest)

Boots: Firewalkers (not the boot itself but the effect)

Suit I'd love to put together visually if the game allowed me (on Female DH): Blind Faith (default colors), Beckon Sail (default), Death Watch Mantle (black), Firewalkers (black)

Nats set looks pretty badass i must say
A lot of my favorite looking armors (for the barbarian) were mostly the mid level 30-50 normal items. Too bad I'll never get to see them again.
Gazing Demise all the way. if this was a lvl 63 item id flip out
This post, in combination with the only other post in the past twenty-four hours ( ), really leads me to believe you have no real information pertaining to the game available outside of 1.0.8 (which we are all undoubtedly tired of seeing on the PTS ), or the interesting video post where we notice PS4 is getting an all around better game via the millions of under-appreciated game testers on PC.

I like how all my characters look exactly the same as each other, it really shows the in depth design behind the game to allow a person to feel as if they are playing the same character all the time, its fun!

The slight of hand, hey look over here, is getting old.
IK chest on Monk
ik boots on monk also look awesome
IK chest on wizard is pretty awesome... doesn't quite work out as sustainable gear tho :(
The best legendary items are the ones that push the "diablo" style, and not the WOW style emphasized at blizzard. The archon sets are cool but don't look like they belong in a diablo game on certain characters (barbs shoulders are a good example).. The vile ward shoulders look amazing, as does the andariels visage. I dislike how mempo looks on certain classes as well.

Some weapons like grandfather sword, skorn etc look amazing.. the weapons are good as far as I'm concerned.

This has always been nagging at me though..
Why are there no "spartan" style helmets, where you change the mane on top with dyes?

From a visual perspective it would be nice to have an option to edit how legendaries look that goes further than dyes. Perhaps the ability to go into an editor where you can adjust sliders to change colors of items, the cost being a brim and a drop from a new boss encounter? maybe a silly one put into whimsyshire??. If OLD games like armored core had the ability to personalize avatars with sliders there is no reason why a game like diablo cannot incorporate such a feature. Even the option to change a characters skin color/hairstyle would be amusing.

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