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Demon Hunter
Wasn't sure whether to post this on the hc forums or here, but I figured I'd ask you guys since most of my experience with gearing in sc came from here...

My next boss fight involves inferno kule and hopefully belial after that. From a defensive standpoint, are my current skills set up right on hc profile against kule (don't really care about dmg output, just want to survive). I also want to know whats the general skillset for hc dh in boss fights. Do cc skills like impale-impact/EA-screaming skull/BS-thunder ball work on a boss like belial? sounds dumb, but its been ages since I took a solo boss fight this serious and honestly can't recall my last encounter,heh.

p.s. Any major gear suggestions? I'm pretty poor in hc (barely over 1mil) and in the process of bidding for a decent dml, but until then, I'm on standby.

p.p.s Been playing mp1 all this time, but strongly considering going down to mp0 for this.
Bosses, use cluster grenades, they have the most effectiveness with tubby mobs.
I thought about cluster grenades.
First problem is with a skill like that, I need to be in melee range and thats the last thing I want to do against a boss like belial and find myself not in position for one of those melee hits or poison grounds (again this is hc and I might be a bit under geared for facetanking for mp0, let alone mp1+). My dmg isn't too high, so I doubt by facetanking, I'd regain all that health back in time from gloom. It actually feels great going against some of these bosses and elites and feel 10x safe from range like the old days

Also, my crit chance isn't too high, so I'm no exactly content with relying on nightstalker just yet (for disc regen) and hence perma gloom for facetanking.

edit: Going to go old fashiond HA - devouring arrow and ST-EB against belial
Sentries are very good vs bosses that don't spam minions, and gives survivability (guardian). I would recommend it even if you would have to remove your hatred spender to fit it into your build.

Numbing traps is our best defensive passive vs bosses like belial if you're using grenades or sentries.

I'm not sure how crowd control effects works against belial, if his nasty attacks are immune to it or something (like skeleton king sweeping attack is for example). But otherwise thunder ball may be a good idea. You could test it with your sc dh first.

I can't really give you gear suggestions for the hc market, sorry. If sojs are cheap, get one to use against bosses. Even if you lose a bit of life, getting it done faster also decreased the risk of dying. Boots with movement speed makes it easier to dodge boss attacks.
Do some test runs in SC. Try to equip your SC DH in similar gear when you do. If you can handle it, cluster grenades, numbing traps, gloom, guardian turret, RoV- anathema, shurikan cloud, nightstalker.

P.S. A little life on hit would help.

P.P.S. I'd stay ranged against ZK though.
Always switch back to mp0 on Belial, so many things can go wrong with this fight. Also i would switch out your red gem in helm for a blue one. For extra health.

Yeah, Night stalker with below 45% crit isn't going to do anything unless you have a ultra fast weapons at hand.
Try these ->

Kulle: Frost Arrow, Guardian Turret, Smokescreen, Vault
Numbing Traps, Tactical Advantage, Perfectionist

Keep everything in front of you and fire a Frost Arrow to slow their swings and attacks down, while laying out Sentry, Smokescreen out of the bubble.

Belial: Jagged Spikes, Spit Fire Turret, Vault, Smokescreen
Numbing Traps, Custom Engineering, Tactical Advantage

Phase 1 is the hardest. Begin by laying down as many Jagged Spikes as your Discipline allows, while also putting down Spit Fires.

Phase 3 is the most random, as there are times where there's nowhere to move with his meteors, so you'll likely be combining both Vault AND Smokescreen at the same time depending on the situation. If you also use Prep, then it'll be off cooldown before each part where he puts his hands in the ground.

Cluster Bombs also deals a lot of damage on him. And if you can do without Tactical Advantage, you can run Sharpshooter and build up crit not only between phases, but when he puts his hands in the ground.

Ghom: Aid Station, Cinder Arrow, Boar, Echoing Blast/Cluster Bombs/Dazzling Arrow, Battle Scars, Gloom/Smokescreen
Numbing Traps(for the Boar's protection)/Brooding, Nightstalker, Grenadier/Steady Aim

Equip life on hit and lots of attack speed. Preferably if you can get your hands on two 1h crossbows dual wield, with as much life on hit on each as you can, and using Cinder Arrow then the poison clouds won't be lethal.

Seigebreaker: Just do whatever you want, as long as you have Vault, Gloom, and as many different damage sources as possible.

Cydaea: Jagged Spikes, Any Bola(except Acid), Guardian Turret, Suppression Fire

Just light her up. If she gets away, the combination of other discipline restoring items and Suppression Fire, will be able to keep you up with Shadow Power or multiple smokescreens so the spiders don't mess you up.

Azmodan: Devouring Arrow, Spit Fire Turret, Lighting Bolts(if you got good crit) or Thunder Ball, Echoing Blast

Custom Engineering, Steady Aim

When all the Sentries are laid out, then you're in there. If he launches the fireball and you're worried, just lead it and run behind one of the pillars in the back. Devouring Arrow will damage him off the screen even when he's not in view.

Iskatu: Jagged Spikes, Ball Lightning/Fire at Will/Suppression Fire, Vault, Bola Shot, Backup Plan/Battle Scars. Or just Gloom - Trap - Bola - Vault.

Custom Engineering, Numbing Traps

Rakanoth: Boar, Impact, Thunder Ball, Guardian Turret

Numbing Traps

Numbing Traps will help you and the Boar, stand mid range almost close range vs him, so he doesn't do that charge attack.

Izual: Smokescreen, Backup Plan, whatever else.

Nightstalker, Perfectionist

Diablo: Devouring Arrow, Rattling Roll, Spit Fire Turret or Aid Station, Smokescreen, whatever else.

You can Devouring Arrow Diablo from all the way across the map. When you enter the shadow realm, pop Smokescreen as soon as Diablo disappears so you don't get a surprise bola or something.

These are just guidelines, some strategies that work when you're very undergeared and low DPS. Of course you can just outgear the content and just faceroll. It's all up to you.
^ dam, I may have underestimated the power of the JS

Thanks guys, I'll try it as soon as I get my hands on a DML!XVf!YYYYYb

Maybe something like this? Just though about it.

Main attack is Bola Shoot with Bittler Pill to recover Discipline. Your hatred spender is Cluster Arrows with Cluster Bombs.
You use Caltrops + Numbing Traps to take less damage from the boss.
Shadow Power with Gloom obviously. Preparation with Battle Scars to recover life...
And you can use Sentry or Vault to move away in dangerous situations.
Passives apart from Numbing Traps Perfectionist for the EHP boost and NIght Stalker to recover discipline.
^ dam, I may have underestimated the power of the JS

Thanks guys, I'll try it as soon as I get my hands on a DML

It's not really so much JS, but just Caltrops in general. It's an amazing tool for DHs. JS is great for bosses because they don't reflect the damage back(except Seigebreaker). Later on, things like Brooding and dual wield life steal, can protect you from reflect using them.

Caltrops is so freakin good for our class, but most people don't seem to use em. Caltrops with Custom Engineering and/or Spider, can pretty much assure that you stay at ranged(except the usual suspect affixes - vortex, teleport, waller). Just lay them ALL OVER the ground EVERYWHERE.

It gives you a ton of relief.

My OG HC DH from back around August, taught me a lot about Caltrop usage in my playthrough before MPs. And they're also serving me well in my Self Found Rush(no AH, no grind, no backtrack or repeating areas) playthrough.
04/28/2013 09:04 PMPosted by ActionKungfu
Caltrops is so freakin good for our class, but most people don't seem to use em.

I think the key reason why so many skip this is because they can't always get Gloom upkeep while using another discipline spender. Discipline is so gear dependent it near impossible to truly utilise over another ability & get that comfort zone of protection from certain affixes.

I'm not saying Gloom is something we have to use, but in most cases.. it tends to work out better then any other defensive ability. On high density trash packs & where mobs die fast.. you can truly see Demon Hunter get to use every ability / Caltrops truly in action... i love to mix up my builds, always testing out new styles. Some perhaps rather useless & truly don't work.. but it's good fun testing them out.

When it comes to boss kills & high density trash packs, they both tend to need different skill sets / build. Thus the decision to change build & lose Neph stacks.. on Hardcore i would rather lose the chance of finding gear over the death of my character. With this, i think we end up being pigeon locked to play in a set way. Depending on gear / skill.. connection.
I'm trying to come up with alternative solutions to the reliance on Shadow Power at the moment.

For example a combination Numbing Traps, Brooding, and dual wield life steal hand crossbows with Jagged Spikes for example. This will be even better with the Brooding buff.
Just wanted to thank everyone for all the tips, especially actionkungfu you da man!

Surprisingly, the hardest was siegebreaker lol I actually came close to dieing. Which is weird, considering I have done tons of uber battle in parties against this guy. Everytime I stunned him with thunderball, he charged almost immediately (prior to charge, he usually roars) which I never recalled in ubers. Even more weird was that he did it twice in succession (totally caught me off guard), which combined with the outgoing RD brought my health to 1/4. Fortunately, I was able to hold my nerves and slowly chip away at his hp.

nonetheless, feels good to have soloed inferno mp0/1. Time to grind some plvls in hc!

and hopefully survive, heh.
you guys playing without Vault have my Respect.
ive used this cookie cutter build with lots of crit chance and crit dmg and it has served me well clearing inferno.!fXV!ZaYbcb

i found it to be a safer build than the typical ball lightning with prep gloom and SS. Because under the Guardian turret bubble and debuff from Numbing traps. Spike dmg from waller, arcane, vortex elites become less of a threat due to stacking dmg reducers. i just make sure to have resources left when i get pulled in or stuck in a wall to either vault away or go TURTLE DEFENSE(pop GT and Gloom and a trap). Reflect dmg mobs become less threatening too when GT is up.

It is pretty boring tho. I can only last maybe an hour of para leveling on it hehe.
I used d3up to check ur dps and ehp, Using the cookie cutter tank build:!fXV!ZaYbcb

Old build:

52k dps and 323K EHP w/o dodge

new build:

45k dps and 1.1Mil EHP w/o dodge

If u use the cookie cutter tank build (which is pretty boring). you will be able to handle higher MP's with less fear of dying.

Good luck on HC Neo!

Live long and thrive.... =D
hehe thanks man, I'll definitely check out this build when I get to high mps. From a defensive standpoint, I think I'm okay for now when it comes low mp farming in parties, aside from building up a bit more armor which comes naturally from getting better gear pieces generally (and I still have plenty more ways to go in terms of upgrading!)

My main issue is deciding between ss OR vault...seems a bit redundant to use both at the same time for plvling in parties/groups. Most seem prefer vault, but I don't see how vault would help you escape in a situation like this which has alrdy happened to me when soloing in western channel: (see death starting at 3:05)
not to mention TA grants some MS for smokesceen too and gives you that all important temp-invincibility which afaik, is the only that could help me escape a situation like above.
gl to you as well!

p.s. You were one of the 1st people to post the mp10 solo ubers with leg nats right around here right? Always looked up to you =D
I saw the video around 3:05. That was a valiant death! Die trying is better than death from DC anyday! RIP for your Wizard! SS and Vault are simmilar and both have their perks. On situations like waller closing u in. There are times where vault will auto-find the quickest route out of small spaces. But in the end its all a matter of personal preference.

Oh you remember my old MP10 uber solo with legacy nats!

I'm honored by your kind words sir!

Oh you poor souls... RIP dearest players.

Regarding the situations some of those players were in when they died, many looked unavoidable, like at least two of them rubber banded through their deaths. The Wiz who died at the 3:05 min mark died in a situation he probably shouldn't have put himself into in the first place. Against a waller, NEVER EVER EVER get yourself into an enclosed space if you can help it. Stairs are an absolute no no against wallers, HOWEVER they can be used judiciously and well against ARCANE mobs (the arcane turret spins in a single height plane, so if you are ABOVE it on the stairs, then you will not be hit by it.

I made mention before about not vaulting ahead, and that wizard did exactly that: Teleported right into an exploding fireball and got tanked. It's easy to say in retrospect, but it's definitely one of those things you will remember once you watch someone else make that mistake. I do NOT vault ahead while farming. I take it low and slow, pull mobs and packs and calculate everything. Vaulting ahead you might find yourself the target of ranged elite pack spears and be dead before you can smoke.

Pay attention to your exits. The demon hunter and the monk who both died at the very beginning were within reachable distance of the exit where they could have escaped and regrouped. The heat of the battle is a hard beast to tame though, so it's hard to remember everything while you're fighting, but these exits can save your life. #yolo

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