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dont get mantra choice, if 1.08 fix it not aware of it, try overowe thats a no brainer for more dps. if you need more survivability may be backlash mantra might work.

increase youre crti dmg at least 100% more. the fastest option would be to swap the shen's for sword or fist with ls soc crit dmg, without ls wont be to expensive, i prefer to add spirit regen those are rare however.

youre nat ring add some avg dmg atleast if crt chance option is to expensive.

breat build w skorn, great poison res but its also a double edge sword as u cant drop owe.


breat build w skorn, great poison res but its also a double edge sword as u cant drop owe.


Thanks, but i see no reason to want to drop owe, it would cost me many extra billions to keep the same ehp and dmg without owe, and the other passives just arent worth it, i feel only dmg passive we have is combo strike and i could use it and blazing fist instead of fleeting and blind (extra work), but i do enough dmg that it doesnt matter, i still one shot mp 10 mobs with 5 mil crit bells with owe, i dont get why m onk are so hell bent on losing owe, it so op, lets me face tank anything in the game for very cheap. my monk has budget gear ^^
thanks....I had a scorn but got rid of it. is paper dps diff than ingame? I like my weapons but can change if I need to
@ benjamin, paper dps doesnt matter, in game dps is very diff.i do 280k paper but almost 5 mil edps in game

thats why i said get similar gear to mine but focus on double resist and vit, life %, as and crit then worry about dex. a skorn will still do a ton of dmg no matter your dex, as long as you dont die every few seconds in mp 10. resist is most important stat 50 plus per piece and double res where possible

great 2-hander setup! im pretty jealous with your crafted amulet me for one do have zero luck in crafting better than what i have =( now try to find an innas helm with SP regen w/o sacrifing DPS or eHP! 9/10

Holy Molly!

A god amongst the people...look at that DPS for a monk.
If I could critique anything it would be to get a little more All resist and Life?

Some very nice monks.

For the 400k dps monks, How do u live with 0 LS and LOH, I tried it once and found on mp 10 i just got smoked,
Man...2nd time I get skipped.

Really would like a fear check por favor?
Man...2nd time I get skipped.

Really would like a fear check por favor?

Nice ar. Very difficult to get your AR high enough to not use OWE.

Good LS with nice amount of damage, can probably think about getting rid of one of the weapons with LS in order to up your dps a little. I'm able to survive easily with only one weapon with LS and am pretty sure you are at that point.
@BarryBoy. Nice monk. Just improve the gear you have to get the DPS higher. If you want higher DPS drop the WKL. Get a second weapon with CD and LS, soon enough you will be steamrolling MP10.

On another note, I was previously skipped; I wouldn't mind getting an epeen stroke or two, lol.
@turnkey1970 - wow very impressive gear all around. not seeing any pieces that aren't near max, 9.8/10
@Sheldor, very creative build. No formal spirit generator. If it works - kudos to you. Could do with a little more AR though and also hit points. Nice to see another S&B. 6/10 (+2.5 for creativity), so 8.5/10.

Also, if you're going to use an SoJ, I'd try and get one with cold damage.

@!@#$%^-*!@er, solid build. I see the rings could be improved and you could get a better Inna's Radiance. I like your build. 9/10
@lamentor - you have the right gearing idea, you just need better items of what you have now.

Theres a lot of room for improvement for you, i would say 4/10 for now.. keep it up though
@tarzan - you have a monstrous health pool. As you begin to upgrade, you could easily drop a good 15k hp and increase dps. I've never tried a min/max gem in a weapon so perhaps that is something I could try. I prefer crit gems, but haven't used a skorn so can't say if it would be better or not. Overall very nice!

Geez-us @ 60ish% IAS. Thats crazy bro. Beautiful Mempo also. I would be interested to see how much punch that exploding palm carries at 290k unbuffed lol.

One with everything seems like a waste with only 44 resist not being AR already, so you can probably change that and not see much of a negative impact and be able to replace it with something else of your choice. heck even the 8% increased damage from combo strike would be pretty nice almost another 23k.

Would say gear wise though 10/10

Craft an ammy and some gloves and that'll be one nice sword and board monk


Your gear is sick nasty. Your crafts are amazing.

Also for the love of god you have an insane amount of Dex.

I have been searching high and low to try to get my AR higher so I can get rid of OWE. .

O.o amazing hellfire!

Need more resist - get rid of OWE.

8.5/10 - more AR!

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