Finding success without slotting prep.

Demon Hunter
So I used to be a discipline junkie. I'm just throwing this out there to encourage others in there builds to really open up your skills and think outside the box. I'm not claiming this to be the GG MP 10 CRUSHING BUILD FOR DH TO ACHIEVE or anything. So please don't flame and if you do, enjoy silence from me because I won't be here to slap key's with you.

Since playing more glassy and just manually dodging and playing more of a "positional" game with my DH, I have become very comfortable without preparation being slotted into my build. I'm still experimenting and changing my build quite often but its all thanks to dropping prep from the build! Yes, I play softcore and I do die to some brutal affixs combos. I'm not a perfect player.

Here is a build I am having a lot of success with at mp8 with my DH at his current dps output -!eXY!ZaZaac

I know, you see the skill set up and you think "Rain of vengeance? Really?" and "oh another windforce user.. weak dps". Well the gear I have chosen I had planned to drop prep all along by stacking disc with the nats set and using an SOJ. I either run SOJ, or a nice rare ring and stack the disc on the quiver - depending on mood and circumstances. I love having gear options and using as much of our class specific bonuses to boot. Plus the fear in the Nats helm is amazing. You can't knock back the Champs but you can scare the hell out them! And using a high proccing skill like Shock Collar, you see a lot of crowd control come into play.

Well the Windforce bow is what holds it all together. With this bow you are getting hit less. So you don't really need Gloom. Which is why I run the Nightbane rune instead for the extra hatred and the Bat. I want to be shooting as much as possible. With Nightbane on I can pretty well spam ball lightning.. And yes, there is no big boom skill. I would like to fit one in, but ROV is actually really great when snap shotted with Shadowpower. You gain the life leech the whole way thru ROV if you snapshot it correctly and its constant DPS while you are in range of targets. Its not huge dps but its better than nothing. A big hitter would be nice but with the current cost of Custer Arrow:loaded for Bear, Ball lightning hits more times (proccing nightstalker) and does more damage for less hatred cost and has such great AOE and perfect for running the halls of The Keeps. Echoing Blast is more of a face tanker skill and I like to be pretty mobile.

So Ball is my spender and its always going off. Entangling shot is a Windforce users bread and butter and this skill is over looked so often and yes, has been preached about already by other great DH's in the community. A recap - its slowin' everyone down you hit, making it easier to hit them with ball of lightning and critting multiple times with a few ticks after the initial hit. As well, the knockback from the bow interrupts so many attacks

The last skill I want to talk about is Smoke Screen : Acid cloud. I've been using this skill since we got hit with the infamous Smoke nerf. I love this skill. Adding .5 of a second to my smoke time was a joke to me. Here's how I really make this skill work. Crowd Control affects from gear. Freeze on the belt is the best thing since sliced bread. So often I will freeze a near Elite and just pop a smoke in his face for the extra %700 over 5 seconds. Now we're turning discipline into offensive and defensive at the same time.

So that's how I'm workin the skill bar and the passives don't need much explaining. Nightstalker is pretty mandatory at higher MP because of the longer battles. Archery Obvi for bow users, we need the extra dps boost and steady aim is almost always up with a Windforce in hand.

Now I know, my gear is not perfect and I do have more plans for better gear. I'm not looking for a gear critique or a skill/build one either. I'm sorry I don't do videos and I'm a pretty casual player. I just wanted to share some fun I've been having and share some insight on skills and playstyles. Thanks to anyone who takes the time to read this and hope you all can keep enjoying this character class.
great post. Ill have to give some of this a shot. Thanks for sharing.
Interestingly enough, a few months ago, I used to have a Manti and 1600 LOH, and I used Prep.

Now I still have a Manti, with zero LOH, and I don't use Prep. My skills:

Bola Shot/Bitter Pill (15% chance for 2 Disc)
Elemental Arrow/Ball Lightning
Shadow Power/Gloom (if I still had 1600 LOH, I might get rid of that)
Vault/Trail of Cinders (I've considered changing this)
Spike Traps/Echoing Blast
Rain of Vengeance/Dark Cloud

Passives: Archery, Night Stalker, Tactical Advantage

What I find is that with that skill set, most of the time when I use Gloom, I'l have recouped all the Disc by the time Gloom runs out. Not always—I can't "perma-Gloom," but I can, say, run it most of the time against Ghom.

Plus ROV makes a good replacement for Prep: if I Gloom before launching ROV, I typically have full health and full disc before ROV runs out.

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