Best rune for Rapid Fire 1.08

Demon Hunter
Do any of you guys have experience with using Rapid Fire?

My experience with it is that it is actually very good vs elites. (Elites that use vortex, wall will give you some problems as they can interrupt channelling). People complain about the fact that you are standing still. Basically, if you have mortal enemy on the elite, and snap shot gloom you can channel forever. As long as you have some tanky stats, the non stop life steal keeps you going even when standing in moltens. *Please note that I use a Manticore (slower attack speed), easier to keep going.

It will be a cool ability in 1.08. I think there are 4 runes that are pretty balanced:

Bombardment: I really don't like the way that these little bombs travel. Unless you have someone tanking for you, I find that this misses the target all the time especially for fast elites.

Fire Support: Clearly the best rune for single damage. Use with spit fire turret. An issue I find is that its very easy to run out of hatred, if you are trying to ensure turrets stay up and use rapid fire.

High velocity: Somewhere between the 2 above. Better than bombardment for single target, more AOE than fire support. A not so obvious benefit here is that if you have an elite marked with mortal enemy and minions come between you (this happens all the time), you can still fire in the direction of the marked elite and the pierce can still help you generate some hatred.

Withering Fire: Most popular RF rune right now on diablo progress. For good reason too, the reduced cost of starting is useful in terms of practical play (especially solo) i.e. when you come across vortex mobs etc. your attack will be very much start/stop. I think with a Manticore (slower attk speed) and the bat and other hatred regen, this rune can be effective without mortal enemy.
I'm going back and forth myself with Fire Support & Withering Fire

I also dislike bombardment so that is out. I'm using a cold soj so I can snare with that.

High velocity has a much lower proc rate than FS or WF.

I'm sort of counting on the procs with nightstalker to keep gloom up 80-100%
Amg I love the buff. I just hope they don't nerf it into the ground. It seems op to me. I'm using fire support for now. It used to crit for maybe 200k and now I am seeing 400k crits. Yes, you have to watch your feet. Very happy with the buff. GG bliz!

**Edit** It seems that shadow power is not working with rapid fire. Hope the fix it.
Fire Support. I love using RF for melting down big fat boss.
PTR test:
I dig Bombardment personally. The trick is to know when to use it. For single target, I Bola until I stun and then let the grenades fly. For attacking large groups, Bombardment is simply amazing. Had a blast playing tonight with Bombardment.
I really like High Velocity. The pierce helps to tag that mob I just planted a Sticky Bomb on when other mobs get in the way.
Fire Support with Ballistics

Bombardment with CM Wiz

IF you have a DEX Tal Rasha's Relentless Pursuit and Allegiance (3% to Fire Skill damage) then Withering Fire. DPS wise its the weakest otherwise.
RF could be one of the very few skills that have several runes that are equally as "good".

Each one has a strong case.

I even like Web Shot to be honest: Cull, Archery, Steady.

So far, I have to say Fire Support is my favorite as the rocket fits "Rambo" theme really well. I am not all about doing the best damage. Theme is important too! :D
So far I've been going back and forth between Bombardment and Fire Support (mostly on Bombardment, FWIW).

That said, there is one significant downside to Bombardment: it simply doesn't work against Missile Dampening elites. The "grenades" hit the shield and then just fall more or less straight down. Of course, Bola and Echoing Blast work just fine. :-)
edit: replied to wrong thread
Withering fire isn't worth it once you get fire support. Assuming 150 Hatred:

WF: 150 - 10 = 140 for sustained
140/6 = 23.3333 tics of damage
23 x 438 = 10074

FS: 150 - 20 = 130 for sustained
130/6 = 21.6666 tics of damage
21 x 438 = 9489
Add on the rockets of 145% for each tic
21 x 2 = 42
42 x 145 = 6090
6090 + 9480 = 15579

Obviously this math will be somewhat inaccurate on the rockets as they don't always hit the target but if even 4 hit the target then FS is better.
I've been running RF since I started. (1.04)

I like the way Web Shot+Cull the Weak work together.
It tends to act like caltrops and slows them down so they'll stay longer in my "kill box" of sentries.
(or ... that's what I'd like to believe.)

I'll have to try 'fire support' with 'ballistics' passive.
I switch back and forth between bombardment and fire support changing my other skills as I see fit..

I prefer fire support though when it comes to doing ubers and it's really awesome vs goblins
I don't know if any of you have noticed this but when you have the Bat companion and encounter an empowerment shrine, it basically becomes a free attack (i.e. your hatred barely budges). It's pretty awesome.

In terms of the runes, right now, I've been vacillating between Fire Support and Withering fire. I tried bombardment but feel that it's hit or miss.
fire support is still the best rune for single target... even without ballistics, in my case, it deals 10x sheet dps...
I tried High Velocity and Fire Support last night for each run at mp6. High Velocity is not bad. It's like in between Fire Support and Bombardment (aoe). I just wish the piercing % were higher. 40% is okay but the projectile is slim, kind of hard to hit several targets.

But I still like Fire Support more because it's more rambo like.
Withering fire isn't worth it once you get fire support. Assuming 150 Hatred:

I also agree Withering is not worth it especially if you have ways to regenerate Hatred faster (use Night bane before channeling, Bat, +hatred per second and Vengeance). I rather do way more damage with Fire Support or other runes.

I also didn't have much hatred problem when I move around against elites. I do have Discipline problem sometimes as I want to keep channeling but I need to use smoke screen to avoid Ice, Arcane. Getting pulled or knocked back and feared are annoying though!!!
I like to use the fire support, as you said I too found bombardment hard to aim.
After the adjustment period to aiming Bombardment, it is all I can use when I am in a group- I love dishing out the AoE.

However, I would stick to fire support if I were ubering, or webshot if I were playing solo as it really keeps enemies at a distance.
fire support is simply the best :) gives at least 10x sheet dps to single targets (e.g. ubers)

hope in the next path they also increase echoblasts dmg % to something like 350-400% (wishful thinking)

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