2H/Quiver, 1H/Quiver or DW?

Demon Hunter
Here I am:


Not the greatest gear but able to solo farm MP3 pretty capably right now. Trying to build up cash to get the nice gear but I'm really bad at figuring out the value of things... either that or the RNG just doesn't like me and gives me pretty terrible legendary drops that don't sell for more than 20K. Blarg.

I have a newfound enjoyment of my DH with the build I made... which was borne out of the gear I scrounged-up more than any sort of theme. Finding Evasive Fire to be a seriously unsung hero of a talent when used with caltrops and a sentry.

That being said I am open to new ideas or arguments against my choices. Been away from D3 for about 6 months and my knowledge-base has become rusty again. Let me know what changes I should be making pls!
1 handers are pretty expensive if you want to maintain high DPS. Judging from your build you might want to consider a windforce. You can pick one up really cheap if you just want to play around with it.

Your gear is lacking crit chance you can get a bunch from your right ring and amulet cheap. I would also get innas temperance for the extra movement speed. It sucks to lose the defensive stats but you can avoid attacks better.

I just cleared my stash a few days ago but if you want to add me i should have a couple upgrades for you

Edit... You should drop the MFD or sentry in favor of gloom if youre having trouble surviving. I love having vault as well but thats breaking your whole build hehehe
Thank you for the critique, I will make some changes asap and find a windforce to check out as well.

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