how much life steal is manageable for you..

i find 3% LS a bit risky for me in mp10 or ubers, tried switching out IK belt for a str/resist WH that boosts me 20k sheet dps but i still find it too risky ...

i like my current 6% LS

only 240 sheet dps now, maybe when i get to 300k or raise ehp signficantly maybe capable of 3% LS....sigh gears can't hold up
I can't do 3% on RD mobs.. I get killed by my own DPS... I think 3% with a healthy amount of LoH might do the trick though I've never tried it. Buying LoH item is not something I want to pay for at the moment.. I think someone actually posted about running at 3% recently.
5.9% too: IK belt 3.0% + blade 2.9%
LOH 900

My ideal is to have 8.8% - 9.0% LS + 1700 LOH
but it involves buying a EF with LS 2.9%-3.0% DPS> 1100 with socket & str 170
which is insanely expensive

Also it seems to me I never get such EF in game MP1-10
3% from IK is enough for me.
I usually run MP8 for alkaizer and vota runs, and for that 3% is plenty with any build. For MP10 I usually run with the op:ks/rend lacerate build with no problems, no kiting. I found that my overall run times were a little faster with rend anyway b/c it lets you kill white mobs with one pass through, even though ww/hota downs elites a little quicker.

For ww/hota it only works for me if I hota for five second and then move so there is constant leach from the nados. It's definitely a bit more tricky and less comfortable than running with 6%. The leach from just the hota is not enough. It's not really enough to leach from uber SB either.

Recently been running throwing hammer/smash build for DEs on MP6 if you want to try something fun and different. The stun counteracts the fear from the EF so no more chasing elites all over the place.
Usually use brawler But rd mobs are kinda irritating even for my gear lvl. So it's prolly more efficient to use 6% and play relaxingly: )
For S&B, 1 slot of LS is plenty. You just get crazy mitigation with the shield and you can face tank and get close to 100% dps uptime even in 4 man groups.
cel.. think you converted me. :P
11.80 for me right now. I muddle through stuff with around 90k Dps at mp7 on key runs. DW hota /rend build. I'm sure my barb needs work/advice but I'm too busy just playing instead.
i'm running with 2.7% right now.. uppd my clear times, have to micro a lil more but honestly i don't see a reason to go past what i'm running now.

anyone else only run roughly 3% lifesteal?

I'm like you in alot of situations... if on my own, i tend to enjoy mp8 so generally my belt is all i need with very little micro needed, and a big boost of dps that more then componsates (cracking 4 million tdps and hota dps).

However in mp10, the tune changes a bit.... and I need 2 sources of LS in general farming situations to be effecient. However I only need 2 pieces for siege uber, all the rest just one will suffice.

If with a cm wiz, then things change again... 1 piece is fine.

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