Special Legendary Drops From Bosses

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Charm gear slot. Charms are account bound legendary items that can be obtained by killing bosses for the 1st time.

Some examples:

+40 Resist Fire
Maximum Damage +40
+6% Movement Speed
+6% Reduction to control impairing effects
+6% Damage against elites
Chance to cast a shower of Hellfire when you attack.
*Dropped by (Inferno) Diablo.

Gilded Tooth of Mammon
+20% Magic Find
+20% Gold Find
Increase gold pickup radius by 6 yards
+200 armor
*Dropped by Mammon an extremely rare boss encounter.

Black Heart
+30% Arcane Resistance
+10 Life per Hit
+10 Life per Kill
+50% reduction to vampiric effect
*Dropped by Maghda.

Scalp of The Butcher
+30% Fire Resistance
+10 Damage
+40 Armor
+50% Reduction to the area effect of vortex
*Dropped by The Butcher.

Eye of Belial
+30% Poison Resistance
+20% Critical Hit Damage
+%100 Damage against illusions from illusionist effect
Chance to cast Poison Nova when hit.
*Dropped by Belial.

Decrepit Ring Finger
+10% Cold Resistance
+5% Magic Find
+5% Chance to chill
+5% Reduction to control impairing effects
*Dropped by The Skeleton King.

Skeleton Key
+4 Maximum Damage
Increase pickup radius by 4 yards
+20% Reduction of the jailer effect
*Dropped by The Warden.

Shadow Web
+3% Attack Speed
+5% Chance to Slow
*Dropped by Queen Araneae.
This is an awesome idea:D

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