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I used to live in the USA and running Diablo wasn't an issue — for the most part.
Since I moved back to Brazil, it runs slow/very slow. I press a key and it takes a noticeable amount of time to trigger the action.

My computer is the same as I used to play in the US — for that reason I assume it's not a computer issue — but my connection is certainly not as good as it used to be. So my hypothesis is that it's my connection.
Right now my connection is 10m download and 800k upload. When I try, the connection tends to be always at the higher limits of the numbers I've just stated.

On the support website they suggest to run a Trace Route. They also give a couple of hints on how to analyze the data but I don't really know how the trace route text file should look like or what to expect as a "high value". Thus, I can't analyze the file.

I want to figure out what is the problem so I can take action to solve it.

I think you already know the answer, which is that your new connection is simply a lot slower than the one you had in the US. That is an issue you would need to take up with your Internet provider, or you would need to shop around and see if anyone offers faster service.

As for the Tracert - what you are looking for are any hops that take an unusual amount of time. That helps isolate the problem. They do cover how to analyze it in the support article as you noted.
Analyzing a Trace Route
If you notice any of the following problems in your trace route report, it may indicate an issue with your connection:

Time outs
* symbols
If the number value before the ms jumps from a low number to high number
If the numbers stay at high values.

Because of the safeguards that protect our servers, you may notice later hops in your trace route failing with an error message such as 'Request Timed Out' or 'Destination Net Unreachable'. You may also see inflated latency numbers. You can ignore any error messages you receive after contacting our servers as they do not indicate a problem with your internet connection. To identify our servers, look for the following suffixes:,,,

Specifically look for hops where the ms value (the number at the beginning of the line) starts to climb. Over 200 ms can sometimes indicate slow service. Over 500ms is going to be more noticeable. Feel free to do your tracert and post it here. People can help you read it.
Hi MissCheetah, thanks for the help.

I've run the trace twice and on both occasions I get numbers on hops 1 to 13 and only "*" from 14 onwards. Does that mean I'm having connection problems?

I have someone to come over install a 100m internet speed.
That might work.

That is normal. Read the last paragraph in the quote above where it explains that once you hit the Blizzard servers it is normal to have it appear to time out. The last several hops will look like that. This is due to security safeguards. They don't let you see all the way to the final game servers.

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