Can't load balance in account

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hi! is there something wrong with loading balance in account? i've loaded previously (last was april 19, 2013), but now there's an error message saying it's "Unavailable. Balance charge-up is unavailable for SGD."

SGD, i think, refers to Singapore dollars. but i've never loaded my balance using SGD! always in US dollar, using PayPal. i didn't change any of my settings, region, servers, etc.

Can someone help me?? Thanks!
I have the same problem :/ Someone pls help
Tech Support does not have the ability to help with Website bugs or Billing issues. They do not have the privacy on the forum to verify your identity and discuss your finances. They focus on PC hardware issues here. To get assistance it would be best to submit a ticket through the Support link

That should get you to the folks who can help you out. If you utilize the Support link when Live Chat and Phones are open, then that may be a faster option than the ticket!

Also, if it turns out they can not help you and it is a website bug, post the details over in the Website Bug Report forum where they collect such info.
already submitted a ticket...
same issue too....

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