Why are you guys.....

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Still playing this garbage
Join us in path of exile....you know you want to
I play both games.

I don't understand the flag-waving for one or the other.
Diablo 3 broke my heart....POE fixed it lol
Give me all your WD gear, since you don't use it anyway ^_^
Home internet is down for the day so I have time to put on my troll costume and jump onto the forums on my iPhone
I like POE, but cmon really.... from what i can tell.... there are no classes at all.... your skills are picked up from mobs or a reward from questing.... and the only difference in characters..... is where you start on the skill tree, which actually has no skills on it...... that's just a lame mechanic imho..... the game is fun, but when every single class is essentially the same.... i mean really?
.. the game is fun, but when every single class is essentially the same.... i mean really?

how is this any different here?
There is actually more to it than that where you start on the tree will essentially make or break quite a few builds...that being said yes. Witch can go melee but it will be a goofball build and very difficult to make good
Here it's like hmm do I wanna be a ww barb or a...ww rend barb and yes you have to find earn or trade for your skills but no one can jump on an ah and buy them....or gear....or gold and it makes the community much more friendly and actually gives you a reason to play the game...and not sit on the AH
PoE is still in BETA

It is janky as hell, bugged, slow and clumsy.

Unnecessarily complex skill system, all for naught. It is actually far less amazing than many advertise it to be.

Diablo 3 is turning a corner here, and will soon carve it's niche. Sorry, PoE is a mere curiosity, nothing to see there, move along.
Listen I'm not saying the game is bad..... I like it a little more than d3.... but cmon you gotta admit.... each class not having class specific skills that just come with the class.... is kind of dumb, it takes away from the personal feel a class should have.

They could literally have just 1 character class (let's call him "the guy"), let you pick from a few different places to start on the tree or web or whatever you wish to call it.... and get the exact same result.
You must have stopped after the first 10 minutes because I assure you if you had actually put time into the game is far from clumsy. But hey stay here by all means and enjoy diauctionhouseblo 3
Th keystones are what make most builds what they are and most have a massive impact. Blood magic uses your health instead of mana....friggin awesome
If PoE was so good, you wouldn't need to be here to recruit players...
The combat in D3 is still the best and most polished in my opinion, that's why I am still here. Also because I have a fading hope that they will make some worthwhile changes. I've played PoE and TL/TL2, both have features and aspects I badly wish were in D3 but their actual combat and game play are nowhere near as good.

Blizzard made some awful, just god awful design choices with D3.. but I still believe they can be fixed without an expansion. If they would just stop taking 4 months to release patches that have 2 weeks worth of content we might actually get somewhere.
ARPG's are 95% combat.

Diablo 3's combat is vastly superior to it's current competition.
Until that changes I have no intention of switching.

PoE, TL2 and BL2 have their superior elements but it's just not enough.

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