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04/30/2013 09:49 AMPosted by LexSteele
PoE's skill tree is simply too big. i took one look at it, turned 360 degrees and walked away. no thanks.

It's gameplay is clunky and terribly boring, I'd much rather play D2 mods.

If D3 had any decent itemization going on, POE would be an afterthought... only thing it has on D3 really.
PoE is still in BETA

It is janky as hell, bugged, slow and clumsy.

Unnecessarily complex skill system, all for naught. It is actually far less amazing than many advertise it to be.

Diablo 3 is turning a corner here, and will soon carve it's niche. Sorry, PoE is a mere curiosity, nothing to see there, move along.

I agree with this from my experience with PoE
Haha, opened this thread just to see how many radioactive symbols it would be a magnet for. People around here have an allergy to hearing the words "Path of Exile" (much like the Devs have an allergy to hearing "D2")
Combat, only reason I haven't left.
Still playing this garbage
Join us in path of exile....you know you want to

I'm not playing a game where axes take up 6 slots, staves 8 slots, shields 4-6, boots 4 slots as well as a dozen 1 slot items constantly shifting places in my stash as they combine from lesser to greater whatevers. It was absolutely baffling trying to figure out what to stash and what to keep on me since I had to figure out if said 1 slot item was currency, a buff to my items or something else. Then when I try and keep them in my inventory in a set location, they keep moving around and disturbing the peace and order I attempted to give my inventory.

Haha, no.

The passive tree was the most interesting part of the game really, but I sensed impending doom if I screwed it up, and I heard that it takes an incredulous amount of very difficult to obtain somethinganothers to respec. From that, it seems like luck to pick a good passive build that won't make you pathetic in end game unless I wondered online and got a cookie cutter build.

The witch was fun though. That's the only class I played. But I won't play Diablo II again basically. Going from D2 to D3, you come to love the vast inventory space and size of items. POE creators probably will argue that item size was to show off their great detail, but I sense it was so that you couldn't just easy mode farm the game.
04/30/2013 08:59 AMPosted by IronSteel
.. the game is fun, but when every single class is essentially the same.... i mean really?

how is this any different here?

Classes actually feel and play very differently. They need to balance stuff, but classes don't intertwine at all like in PoE. Besides, half of the freaking skill tree is +10 dex, +10 int, +10 str. It's fun and all, but it's extremely overrated. I like how PoE handles difficulty and endgame, though. Would make a great addition to D3 combined with the endless dungeon mode suggested plenty of times around here.
lol poe. its so good you still feel the need to lurk diablo forums.
Because in D3 they can farm 7-15 cent per hour

That must be it
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> If you want to compare Diablo III to Path of Exile, and talk about the two games in a critical, constructive way, that's fine. This forum or the forum I linked above are probably best for that.

> If you just want to bash one game or the other, I'd suggest taking that conversation elsewhere. Unless, of course, you enjoy having your threads locked. I'll leave that up to you. :)


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