Can my PC run D3?

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I don't think my laptop will meet the minimum requirements, but I already downloaded and played the starter-edition. I just want to make sure playing the game won't damage my computer.
It is a 2011 Laptop. Here are the specs:

Pentium(R) 2.10GHz processor.
4.00 GB of Ram.
64-bit operating system.
Intel HD Graphics Family (the card that came with the system).

Thanks for your help :)

The Starter Edition is no different than the retail game so if it ran ok for you then, it still will. Your hardware is admittedly on the lower end performance-wise though so playing in multiplayer games with a lot happening on the screen at once may tax it some and slow you down.

The game can't damage your computer as long as it's operating and being cooled properly. Laptops are prone to overheating and video games are known to stress components more than business apps ever will so you'd want to take that into consideration too.

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From someone with an old 2009 laptop.

1. A cooling pad is essential. Provide as much ventilation and cooling as you can.
2. Some parts of the game may just plain be horrible on your vid card. Water areas especially. Right now we can't reduce the graphics for those.
3. Do not play hardcore if you get attached to them. You are going to have some performance issues and playing HC may result in loss of a char.

All that said, as long as you are not overheating like Omrakos said, you should be fine :) Happy Hunting!

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