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Just out of curiosity what would you like to see in a Diablo 3 expansion?

Couple things that I would like to see.

*I would love to be able to switch from act to act in-game instead of keep leaving to make/join a new game.

*More gems.. Why not bring the diamonds and skulls back that would be neat! Or just as cool rune words :D
-Diamonds Helm: Pick up Radius. -Skulls Helm:Regenerates Health/Second
Weapon: Critical Hit Chance -Weapon: Damage converted to life
Other: Resistance to Elements -Other:Physical Resistance

*I think that a new item system is in order.
I mean look what they are called, they are not anything like that Legendary items should be well Legendary. Now I know you cannot make it impossible to find one but make it worth wild no matter the level or quality. Rares, Should also fix in a drop rate. Now I'm not saying dramatically cut the drop rate but make them worth it.

*Another neat idea I think would be with the story line.
We all kind of know where this is going. lol
-So we start off in the the search for Adria. Now we know she is a powerful nephalem.
To make it short I'll just get to the point.
Lets explore a little. What if we had to visit old areas from Diablo 2. Example Rogue Encampment, Lut Gholein, Kurast Docks and of course Pandemonium Fortress back into hell. Now the reason for this is Adria is following Diablo's old tracks so she can open the gate of hell once more. Now Her plan is to go to the Chaos Sanctuary and try to revive Diablo and his brothers.

*Also on the way you come across old heroes in your journey.

Now These are just quick ideas. lol My 2 cents :P
I dig your idea man:D

Also an awesome thing to add would be dungeons or raids!
Similar to that of WoW. (I'm not a WoW fanboy. Just an idea)

Now here's the twist:

You only have a single drop for the whole group, such as a sword or a piece of armor or as you said, a charm. This will increase the reputability of dungeons and make it an interesting aspect to work around.

Your charm idea and the dungeon / raid idea could tie in very well in the sense where it becomes extremely hard for people to obtain said items. Truly legendary items!

Also please. Larger parties! srs.

TL;DR: Dungeons with 1/party drops + outer game politics + bigger parties
Only one thing it needs to have really: OFFLINE MODE!!!!
And better looking helmets

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