How are you guys making the gold?

I've been around from the start and have not even gotten close to what some people blow on here gold wise. 500 mill, 900 mill, 1-2 bill. How the heck do you pull it off? With gear getting into the trillions these days I need to step up my gold game so that maybe when my kids are old enough to play this game they can farm there life away for the hope of there kids being able to buy a decent item. Seriously though, whats some ways to make a lot more than what I'm making.

If you aren't purchasing gold then farming and playing the auction house are about it. I've had one seriously excellent drop and several decent ones that allowed me to afford what I have...some guys can farm a weekend and get a multi-bil drop...while the rest of us farm and just do okay.

I've also made some decent gold flipping items on the auction house. I know a good dagger when I see it, and have a pretty good idea of what it could/should sell for...don't ask me about axes, maces, spears, or swords....but daggers, all day long.

Your barb could be a farming machine...just keep earning those plvls which will increase your MF/ gets better the higher you go. GL.
Farming, Ive managed to flip a few items here and there lately, just to even out my crafting expenses, not too fun searching the AH all day, but.....
I normally flip until recently I decided to just go farm instead. Last night I id'd a near perfect zombie dog SoJ and just sold it on RMAH which I will be changing into gems -> gold. Also found a cold 10 cc tals ammy. I guess farming eventually pays off.
I've had a couple of drops around 100m and that's about it. I usually don't have more than 10-15m on my account at any one I feel the pain.

I just keep hoping that game changing drop is just around the corner...
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zombie dog SoJ and just sold it on RMAH

transaction failed. gg

Well back to patience train.
I mix farming and flipping.

I throw in some personal RNG on farming. Whenever I get an expensive legendary unidentified (ex. Natalyas Reflection, this sells for 17 mil gold easy), I dont ID it immediately. I toss a coin and see if it favors rolling or selling it unidentified.

I used to use cash, but now I started flipping items in the auction house for a profit, I have never really had anything good drop that was worth more than a few million here or there. Some people get lucky and get a Mempo or a Skorn that drops with ridiculous stats that goes for a billion, but most of us just get a ton of crappy rares and usually have the Ivory Tower leg drop just to mock us. Blizzard compensated us a bit with the crafting system, but that is also based on luck and requires quite a bit of gold if you are unlucky enough to go for a 100+ streak without getting anything worthwhile.
Learn to make gold using the AH..

I'm paragon 100 and I have yet to find an item worth over 100m; the total amount of gold I have made from items I have found is under 300m. Recently I bought 30 Skorn, 20 Lacuni, 40 Manticore, 22 Craving Knife UNID, and all I have to show for is 1 auction up for a 4.5% crit lacuni...

Your chances of making gold farming are very SLIM.. low chance of finding a legendary and low chance of rolling any decent stats.
Ouch ace. But I admire your courage on gambling. Seriously, just 1 item worth selling |?
been farming for the first 9 month, and my barb look like crap.
been flipping the last 2 month, and my barb is.. well.. godly.
My barb is farmed all the way to plvl 100. The highest I've ever sold something is 90+M fist of Azturraq and 70+M 29%leorics signet. However, I do use a lot of crafted items (every slot actually) and it'd be hard to value my barb
last time i got a decent drop was like 5 months ago which was nats armor which sold for 200m back then. I used that money to flip all day everyday!

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