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Same issue here.
Same here in Sweden!
If they solve the prob just share..
yea...can't log in with authenticator when prompt after my log in info was correct...say's "Your log in infiormation is incorrect..Error 03"after i tried to "authenticate"..not sure what the deal is..but I also reset then reinstalled my authenticator with reset info..still nothing. Seem's like the matrix struck again.
well my game night seems to be ruined :(
Bump. Complains "Too many actions"... yea, 1 action I try to perform, thats login. :P
blizzard just soaks our money and do not care about the players...
No matter how much money to put into creating resilient systems (i.e. server uptime) they will always mess up from time to time. Give them a break
Our network admins are looking into auth issues in the EU region now. There's also a notice on the Breaking News section of the login screen. post was deleted. Truth hurts. And no there isnt a "Breaking New's" notice at the log in screen. I just logged in 10 sec ago. Thanks again Blizz, keep up the lies.
Blizzard will delete your post even if you express yourself of any matter when they feel "targeted" for poor performance because it's true, totally disregarding your freedom of speech. Basically, Blizzard pumps out the console version of Diablo 3 for PS3 which is clean and smooth while the PC version is trash and isn't maintained well enough for some simple maintenance and alerts to be fixed within min/hrs, Meanwhile the authenticator issues has been a major issue to game performance and opperability inhibiting players to log in and play the game for hrs while they instead settle a minor issue of PET BUGS rather focus on the major issue with the Authenticator.
They delete multiple threads about the same topic if there is already a well populated thread with a blue response. This is to ensure the forum does not get spammed with duplicate threads preventing others from getting attention for other issues. If you mean a post, then I am pretty sure it will be marked as being deleted by a moderator which yours is not, in this thread at least.

Also, you have no freedom of speech rights on a private forum. Blizzard determines what is posted here and who posts. They can remove you simply for having the letter "o" in your name if they want. This is much like your right to control what is said or done in your own home.

What Authenticator issue? Are you confusing the Authentication servers with the actual Authenticator device/application? The Authenticator works quite well and has no issues.
The app is fine...the Authentication process after you insert your log in information is the issue. Then when your prompt in type in the "authentication" numbers, everyone is Rx an error and is revered back to the log in screen.

You can freely post all you like about an issue but do so constructively and using no profanity. Any posts deleted in here were for not following those two simple conditions. Repeated offenders will likely lose posting privileges as well as having their posts removed.
I haven't even been able to play D3 since I bought it and it's been what a year now? every time I hit authenticate I get a different error code every week, sick and tired of it really. this time its error 14009 I'd like a blue post to tell me what the heck is wrong.
Quebec - Canada Cant connect
me too quebec canada cant log in error 33

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