Three core issues of D3 PVP

As much as I enjoy the Diablo 3 PVP scene, I would like to clearly lay out my opinions on the core issues of PVP such that the developers can target these three points when balancing for the upcoming 1.1 patch (hopefully later this year). Here are the three current issues with brawling and what needs to be done generally to address them:

(1) Stalemates
The meta-game is approaching stalemating as the best viable option in some match-ups. This is notoriously common in Barbarian vs Demon Hunter matches as when both players play safe, neither side can win, and when one player goes offensive, they usually lose. This is caused by a combination of very high mitigation and very high life regeneration. This can also be caused by players using low damage skills or weapons, but it is less common. The goal: no match should be endlessly indecisive while also allowing both sides a roughly equal chance of victory.

(2) Stale Moves
Currently, all classes have only one or two good offensive options and are forced to use certain defensive options to succeed in PVP. An example of this is the Barbarian's skill Rend: without it, they have virtually zero chance against most other classes. Another example is the Demon Hunter's skill Smokescreen, as there are zero viable strategies without this staple skill (which forces the DH to also use Preparation). The goal: all classes should have various offensive and defensive options which allow for a more diverse set of strategies and interesting matches.

(3) Class Balance
While it was announced that the game would be balanced around PVE, there is nothing preventing developers from implementing alternate mechanics within the PVP areas which has no effect on players outside of PVP. There are some classes which have little to no chance against other classes at the top. Wizard is an example of a class that needs an overhaul for PVP. Monks have a hard time against Demon Hunters, Barbarians have a hard time against Witch Doctors, etc. These match-ups could be addressed by altering various skills within PVP areas. The goal: no match-up is an excessively difficult uphill battle or ridiculously easy massacre.

Some solutions
(1) can be fixed by reducing life restoration from all sources or by reducing mitigation. (2) can be fixed by altering many existing skills in PVP areas to make them more attractive and increase diversity of builds. (3) can also be fixed by altering existing skills as well as existing mechanics, again only in PVP areas. (2) and (3) will also be less of an issue once team play is allowed as often teammates of different classes can compensate for a given class's weaknesses.

Again, this is not a rant but rather a constructive post. I would like to encourage other avid PVP brawlers/duelists to comment and suggest other ideas that developers can use to improve the system further.
04/26/2013 10:29 AMPosted by Iria
(2) and (3) will also be less of an issue once team play is allowed as often teammates of different classes can compensate for a given class's weaknesses.


(2) can be fixed by the itemization updates if they bring really advantageous skill specific bonuses to newer/higher ilvl legendaries.
It's not an issue of individual class balances or have itemization changes ... they just need to enable team duels. d2 1v1 wasn't balanced either ... as a perfectly built ES fber with enough life rep .... played by the right guy triumphs all 1v1.

also ... a spectator mode would be really nice
Nice ideas. I also believe allowing team fights would solve at least partially the imbalance issues. I'm not sure if i entirelly agree with having diferents rules for pvp and pve though. I hear about the low efficience of wizards quite often. Isn't there any viable competitive builds for them? I don´ty believe Blizz would make the class that imbalanced. I'm a noob so if you could enlight me i would apreciate it.
Team PvP will open up a big door of options in terms of skills choices and diversity.

But more diversity is always good just at a class level, mind you... there are some builds out there that just don't get used because they're not (easy mode) but are effective.

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