1.0.8 ETA? 1.0.8 ETA? 1.0.8 ETA?

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Im guessing.... by june maybe?
05/01/2013 05:45 PMPosted by MysticalOS

Haha, the exact one-word description I used to describe Diablo III in the recent thread. Most people around here now can't even appreciate that reference.
When it is ready.
I'm amazed that the CM didn't come out with "I'm locking this discussion due to infractions in the Code of Conduct which prohibits the use of all caps."
I'm all for us players asking and expecting change. The more we do it respectfully, the more the team will be passionate about making our game better for us

Of -course immature, yes. I'm immature that's why I play fantasy PC games for cheap thrills, yes yes yes immature.

Love to explode bodies in many fashions, cluster, bomb traps, lightning balls, MY BALLS!

Take your respectful ways back to the real world, and leave us immature kids to play our games.

ETA for a patch is a must, Where is it!??? Blizz Feed my need for D3 NOW!.

I want my patch, I want my patch, I..... Want......my.......Patch!

hehe niiice ;)

f # $ k I hate noob @ s s people who feel the need to jump in and give a lecture to someone on what they think and try to explain it in a way that makes them feel superior to anyone else even though they end up sounding like a utter douche bag : )

I read to many youtube comments lol so many @ s s holes in the world with nothing better to do but bring people down just so they can feel a little better in their miserable lives : )

wait did I just do that..... never haha

You just say that because that's what you do ;). At least you do it with humor... I'm tired of the real rooster douches that say stuff like "Seriously... how long does it take to change one variable and push it live?". Like they have -any- clue on what it takes to change a project on this scale. Blizzard employees and devs just sit there and take it cuz they have to... I don't though :P
so instead of making THIS game a better game, they decide to come out with it on the ps3. they sold record copies on the PC and the verdict is the game sucks. WHY WOULD ANYONE IN THEIR RIGHT MIND THEN SPEND MONEY ON THE SAME GAME ON THE PS3?!?! Is Blizzard just that dumb?
05/01/2013 05:25 PMPosted by Vaeflare
Beetlejuic---! I mean... we haven't yet announced a release date for patch 1.0.8 yet, but we're working on it just as quickly as we can.

B.S. flag risen...

I, and am sure many others, understand the reluctance to give a specific date due to an unforeseen issue that may delay said release.

What I do not understand is why an estimation can not be given, e.g. 2 weeks at the earliest or some such statement letting folks know to stop pestering you for at least 13 days.

My question is not when is the patch. It is, why in any update scenario will an estimation of release not be provided?
I'm sure their team of 3 developers are working at slave wages to get that Amazing -(sarcasm), patch out!

A game such as Diablo 3 has no sustainable income, they have your 60 bucks, so now they can go as slow as they want.

Actually, D3 itself doesn't sustain any income, being just a game, however Blizzard Inc. sustains plenty of income from the 9 million sum odd world of Warcraft subscribers, real money AH, and whatever else from Starcraft.
Patch will be Tuesday May 7, 2013 at the earliest. im guessing,
Hold your horsey sauce. You know that you would just complain if they released it anyway.
108 will come in 1 year
thank god this game was only 60 bucks and non monthly. i ain't giving blizzard a dime until they create amazing games again.
People I know who got D3 and SC2 only did so due to at the time WoW was at a point where nothing was new. They would play D3 or SC2 to pass the time until new WoW content came available. They got back into WoW and don't play D3 or SC2 due to new content. But now they are pretty much done with the latest content of WoW and spend time playing other games.

D3 is a niche kind of game. As was D1 and D2. Running through the levels repeatedly, just to better your gear. Nothing much else to it. It's how the series has been. Why would anyone expect anything different with a new game in the series?

WoW was fun for a few years I will give you that, but for me personally WoW was the place holder for Starcraft and Diablo. I never got into Warcraft, 2, 3. I did own them though and I didn't start playing WoW until WotLK. I had a great time Raiding ICC with a group of awesome people, and I will never forget that experience. That being said Starcraft and Diablo go way further back to a time when I was most impressionable and believe it or not those franchises get me out of the house to go to the local card shop and play on their LAN and rage and make friends and... well we will leave it at that ;-)
"We're working on it!"
-Blizzards response for everything.
How about some explanation on what is limiting you from releasing it RIGHT NOW.
When someone asks "When will it be released?"
Try to answer in a way that ISN'T vague or dismissive-honestly we're (your customers and fanbase) are tired of it.
You can answer all of these things-
  • Relatively how far along you are
  • What needs to be completed or altered before release
  • What exactly you're working on
  • I mean, we're paying you (well already have...) and I can't imagine running a business and going up to my employees and being like, "Hey when will this be finished?" and having them respond, "I'm working on it! We're going as fast as we can!"
    Months go by...
    "When will this be finished?"
    "Soon!!! We're working on it as quickly as we can!"

    I really feel like you're capable of more of an explanation...
    The thing that makes this the worst is that they are making or put out Hearthstone. It is one thing to have a Buy once always online game they call F2P but not so much if you have to buy the game. And didn't finish it or complain that all new content is EXTRA, not content they failed to add. Then make a F2P game that is gonna need just as much attention or more.
    Blue, read this

    You can answer all of these things-
  • Relatively how far along you are
  • What needs to be completed or altered before release
  • What exactly you're working on
  • June 4th, D day-2. You heard it first here. :D

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