need upgrades

Witch Doctor
morning my english speaking friends,
if you got some upgrades for my wd for free it would make me very happy ;)
just spent all my gold in new cheap stuff because im 60 now 8D
and thx again to all who helped me already
feel free to add me ingame, i would also appreciate some companionship^^

1. Use 4 piece Zunimassa set (for 20 extra mana regen)
2. Drop pierce the veil and replace with Blood Ritual. You can simulate increased mana consumption with +attack speed. Be careful of stacking too much attack speed.... it increases mana use more than it increases real damage (try stacking more crit chance/damage). Attack speed is not bad as long as you do not have mana problems.
3. You need critical chance & damage on amulet (gamble with pattern)
4. Since you use GF drop the lacuni and roll bracers... you can craft much better. I regular play at 12% move speed without GF and I outrun party members with 24% move speed.
5. Get a better defensive Zunimassa ring (cheap ones are for sale from 100k-1M easy). Look for armor, life %, regeneration, or life on hit. I got the one I have now for 100k.

Finally I suggest you try using a zombie bear build.... something like this AFTER you make a few changes to your gear.!aYc!bcZcYa

If you have survivability issues use Jungle Fortitude. If you do not have problems staying alive try using Grave Injustice (will help greatly with soul harvest/spirit walk).

You have so much attack speed you can't afford to use high damage/high mana spells. Try using a little less attack speed and big hitters. That skill bar has lots of mana regeneration options and should let you spam a lot more bears.
I haven't played in a while and I don't have any WD friends who I play with anymore lol.

Add me in game and I'm pretty sure I can find you a few things in my stash that you can benefit from.


If it takes me a while to log on.. Try this build out, it's reallllly fun.!cfe!ZcbYZc
What build are you aiming for? MP0-1 fast xp grinding or are you trying to see how high in MP you can go?
thx for the suggestions Glythe, but i should have mentioned that i normally play on eu - u can check my real char out on the link below i had a further few upgrades and will try to get further more^^ the stuff u saw before were the items i was given to, to replace my under lvl 60 ones ;)
@SunTzu; i will add you ;)
and Ryman; do u mean me?^^ iM just looking for anything that upgrades me, if anyone got some for free or for cheap i would really appreciate it^^ (or another sac doc i can add for min-maxing my bear spam)
bears r the !@#$, after the patch i may switch to the bat-cloud - we'll see
edit: feel free to add me if u wanna play some together or make me a nice deal^^
atm im looking for beginner barb gear for cheap btw^^
my wd had a few upgrades, i was able to trade some eu vs us gold with a streamer and some guy^^
btw i wanna sell this skorn:
details r in the topic name

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