Killing Goblins in MP10 without using HOTA

I've seen Wayne's video doing it using WW. I've tried so many times but still can't. I can only do it with HOTA. :-)

Can you do it without using HOTA?
yes.. I can... unless those stupid blood clan give shield to him (my main gears on female barb)..
yes, pure DT.
This was with a barb that has only 163k paper dps. Skip ahead to 2:28.
Easy as pie with pure ww. They don't even have time to put the portal up :p

Alot of it is positions and cold soj.

If the goblin is against the wall, you need to flush him out by rubbing around and hitting him from the other side first. The only way you should so losing them is if they get stuck on a wall or corner where you can't get Nados on them.

Cold SOJ and pure WW. If you start bashing it to generate fury, it will get away.
Cold SoJ is the key I suppose, I use to not be able to do it but after acquiring Cold SoJ, it's definitely made easier. Of course, I still lose a few gobs, some of them are really sneaky
I've decent DW gear including a +6% cold soj and I still can't nail those ***kers! Gotta practice.
This was with a barb that has only 163k paper dps. Skip ahead to 2:28.

Watched your vid bro. Awesome!
cold soj is the key
I can't even do it WITH Hota.

You guys own.
Once I achieved the 2.86 breakpoint these goblins became easy. It was doable with 2.5 but they still occasionally got away.
In solo play is not too hard if u have cold SOJ and enough dps, just wrap him up in your tornadoes, don't let it go away and dont bash, he will run, keep spinning around him, he will be walking in circles.
If he goes away, sprint and WW past him and let him run back to your tornadoes, then wrap him.
If I'm farming with OP/KS I'll smash them most of the time....if I'm using WC/imp then only some of the time with WW.

While experimenting with HOTA I was smashing gobs without zerker. HOTA is insane.
Yea, the fury mgmt is the big issue here, OPKS helps. Often i lose WOFB when i attack goblins too D:, if i cant wrap em good.
must say
since i swapped to cold soj (thanks every1)
goblins in any spec are easymode on mp10 :)
Cold stone helps a lot. Or just higher DPS. I can kill him even with Bashes. If you have low DPS you have to have properly spaced Tornadoes with Cold SOJ. If you do not have Cold Soj, you need higher DPS.
In my vid I was at 130k stat sheet DPS by the way
With a pure ww spec they can still get away from me sometimes even when using a cold SOJ. I don't think I've ever had one get away when using pure ww and a follower with freeze though. For killing them with ww it is really just a matter of paying attention if your dps is decent.

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