MissCheetah, new Diablo III Tech MVP!

Technical Support
Please join us in welcoming our newest MVP for the Diablo III Technical Support forum, MissCheetah!

I'm sure many frequent visitors to the Diablo III Tech forums are familiar with MissCheetah and if you aren't, you will be soon enough. She has proven herself to be a valuable member of the forum community and we are happy that she has accepted the mantle of green.

We hope you'll look to her posts as examples of style, courtesy, and game knowledge.
Welcome to the program, MissCheetah! Glad you could join us!
*dons green cloak and twirls around* *Tests super powers with no results.* As expected, I seem to be a regular player with green text :) That said, I will do my best to continue helping where I can.

Thanks Vrak!
Grats MissCheetah!

Cloak? Green super powers always come from decoder rings. Just keep away from yellow highlighted text. Trust me on this, I'm a Fox.
I am old enough to get that :)
Welcome MissCheetah!

I was told there would be cookies in here!

Well I have coffee, does that help? *rummages in the pantry* All I have here are Thin Mints so you will have to be content with that :)
Well Congrats Cheetah.
Cheers MissCheetah! =)
BigBoss, you actually have the correct version of the name. I was Cheetah Woman back in the late 1980's early 1990s as a track and cross country runner. I transitioned that into Cheetah in pen and paper RPGs such as Shadowrun. When D2 came out...I was a teacher and Cheetah was taken so I used MissCheetah instead. I usually go by MC these days for short.
Wah....given that, you must be around 30? or early 40?
Um, yes that is the pretty accurate. I have not hit 40 YET! There have been a few odd things for me though. My name predates the modern internet.... so when I found out such things as cat girl anime existed I was bit distressed. I did not want to be associated. My name was a joke by my non-runner friends and sort of worked as most of my chars tended to be ninja sorts so I just ran with it. Ah well, I am not willing to change it at this point. Keep in mind, most of the very avid D2 fans are my age or older :)
Lets hope that green cloak doesn't go to your head as it does to many members! Other than that congratulations! =)
Congratulations, the more the better :D
Woah, I'm a bit late : D.
Anyway - Congratz :).
Im not trolling but I am curious as to why you would make someone with very little game time an MVP? you would think some of the technical issues you would have to have knowledge of would require extensive gameplay?

either way
congrats I guess
Gameplay has very little to do with being able to point players to support articles, explain policies, or suggest troubleshooting steps. I have been an active poster, mostly CS, for years and am quite familiar with many of the issues players have questions about. Also, when you run D3 on a PC as old as mine you get VERY frustrated and can't get past Act 2 Oasis. You also get to try a lot of the work arounds and suggestions! So yes, I do have a fair amount of knowledge about the subjects here on Tech Support (especially the policy and Customer Support side). Those things I do not know I leave for others to handle.
/pets the Lady Cheetah
Welcome MissCheetah.

Is it possible for you to find out why the "blues" (no disrespect intended) do not comment on the major issues and suggestions to fixing the DH eDHP in the Demon Hunter forum?

I really would love to get a valid response to that question.
@WiryDragon, If you view her profile, you'll see she has over 3,000 posts. So, she's probably spent more forum time than actually playing the game, trying to help people get the game working and the blues see that. If I ran a game company, I would gladly promote someone to an honorary position if they had a good reputation. It seems she has earned one. It makes sense to give someone a job if they will do it honorarily, instead of forcing it on an intern. It can also be a good stepping stone, if someone wants it to be, from what I recall.
@MC, Congratulations. In a way, kind of shocked at your character level and items vs. post ratio! Reminds me of something very funny someone once said, that the forums are what you unlock when you buy Diablo 3, not the game.

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