*Giveaway* 5 x Starter Barb Sets *CLOSED*

Giving away 5 starter barb sets (AH value 1.5m - 2.5m). These sets are MP0 - 3 capable. Will throw in a starter Skorn as well if you're a new player.

1. You must be level 60 and have reached Inferno
2. The set must be an upgrade
3. You must not have a fully decked out main / alts
4. You should at least be active (nothing worse than giving you the set, see you play for a day or two, and then you don't log in any more)

If you think you meet the requirements, just post your Battle Tag below.


Unbuffed on a P0 Barb:
* Without Gems
DPS vs Mob: 56k - 61k
DPS vs Elite: 63k - 68k
tDPS vs Mob: 218k - 243k
tDPS vs Elite: 247k - 271k
Life: 30k - 32k
eHP: 275k - 313k
IAS: 34% - 35% IAS from gear (2.5 APS breakpoint with WotB)
Crit Chance: 29% - 32.5% from gear (49% - 52.5% with passives and base)

Buffed with BR and WotB on a P0 Barb:
* With 4 Flawless Square Amethysts and 2 Flawless Square Emeralds
DPS vs Mob: 107k - 117k
DPS vs Elite: 122k - 131k
tDPS vs Mob: 462k - 486k
tDPS vs Elite: 524k - 543k
Life: 37k - 40k
eHP: 345k - 391k

Note for casuals / newbies:
1. These sets have a pretty straightforward upgrade path (i.e. just buy/find/craft a version with better stats). Should last you until you're ready to "jump" into building yourself a mid-tier Barb set.

Try not to gimp yourself by going the "IK Chest + Inna's + Ice Climbers" route too early unless you know what you're doing -- you need to have a big enough budget (at least 200m plus a well crafted Vit shoulders) to make them work or you'll encounter a lot of eHP issues.

2. Socket the weapons with the best Emerald you can afford. Upgrade the Emeralds as your financial situation improves.

3. Use Amethysts on the Helm and Chest if you need more Life. You can swap them out for Rubies as you level up.

Builds you can try:

* Change War Cry: Impunity to Overpower: Killing Spree once you feel you have enough resists and armor.
oooo pick me
I would like a set please

Will be checking profiles and hand out the sets this weekend.
I'll give it a go.

Not even sure how this works...never played public before...but will take a crack at it.
Jaskier#1690, but i think the others guys needs it more than me, call it a greed roll :)
I'm a new player (level 60 last night!) but I did buy myself what I could afford and what I believe to be a decent set. I'm definitely a bargain hunter and was trying to score deals based on "time left" sorting all throughout my leveling over the past week. I think I spent somewhere around 400k in total.

I'm not sure if I qualify?
andyz4#1193 I would like a set
Yes, you're a wee bit overqualified, but if I don't get enough interest in the sets, I'll break apart one of them and give you a few upgrades. :)

Yes, you qualify (unless you happen to win one of the other giveaways or upgrade yourself before I conduct the final checks this weekend). I threw a Skorn on one of the sets the other day and the unbuffed DPS (no gems) came out to around ~95k.

*shameless bump*
I'd love a set, recently got back into the game and my gear sucks. Stuck at Act 2 inferno.

I restarted playing on last Sunday and got to lvl 60. By Tuesday I tried buying the cheapest/decent equips I can find so roughly ~700k for everything I'm wearing except amulet. Then yesterday I bought the amulet for 475k (not even sure if it's worth it). So I'm also not sure if I'm qualified.
Sorry man, you're on EU. The giveaway is on the US server. :(

You're semi-qualified. If there aren't a lot of interests, I'll break apart one of the sets and pass you some upgrades. I won't recommend using Mara's unless it rolled both chc and chd. Try and resell it (maybe at a higher price -- you might get lucky). A rare amulet would give you better DPS for half that price.

Any chance I'd qualify? I'm leveling as fast as I can given the limited playtime I have.
I had two requests.
I) is for the set (sonicman#1376)
2) Even if I don't get the sets, I wanted to understand where I should focus my improvements on. I am not able to handle even mp2 or 3 yet. Any suggestions?
Take you time to 60. I still have 2 additional sets on "standby" (these sets come with crit damage Echoing Fury instead of a socket). I'll reserve one of them for you. Just add me in-game once you reach Inferno. :)

I'll put you under consideration for one of the sets. If you don't qualify, I'll give you some gear recommendation tomorrow when I announce the set winners. In the meantime, swap out the Rubies in favor of Amethyst. You need more Life.

I will be making final checks on all applicants in ~24 hours.
Sure, I don't mind at all. I'm just thankful I can even survive in Inferno when I couldn't last summer with my monk and mage ._.
So definitely anyway to make me stronger, I'm down! (:
Yeah, my Monk feels your pain. She had to hide behind one of those glass cannon smokescreen DH when a nasty elites showed up and start buttwhooping the rest of the party.
My monk was really bad last summer, I was barely surviving by "life on hit weapons", I was basically trying to tank a little so others can try to kill elites. We still fail because my dps was so low -_-" The 2 current weapons I'm using for monk were bought for my barb when he was lvl 60 couple days ago. At that time my barb had only 40ish dps and I was like wth, how do people have over 100k is it because of the green gem.. so I experimented and bought 2 cheap socket weapons and wow my dps doubled.
Ahh, the "good old days". :D

And yes, crit damage makes a lot of difference once you have enough crit chance. :) I broke the 100k DPS barrier when I got my big break (the amulet I'm still using on my barb -- I think it gave a +20k DPS -- and if I had sold it back then, I'd be filthy rich).

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