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well i just preorderd D3 on ps3 so im looking for people that have done the same or are planning to to do so and are in the same boat looking for buddies to kill S#%$

once i get it out of storage and get all the dust off it ill find out what my PSN name thingy is and ill post it up please leave yours if you are keen
lol, i love my ps but not sure if i will get it on ps, i mean except for a few gameplay tweaks and menu changes it will still be the same game and i have a pretty beefey account on the pc, startign from scratch on teh ps sounds like time i don't have anymore lol.

but we will see, the silly helm of xp is not enough to get me ordering the game yet, i'll wait a little longer see what else they will throw in.
i will be getting it for PS3 cant remember my gamertag right now but ill get back to ya with it later :-) starting from scratch sucks but playing from the couch sounds relaxing :P
errrrrr emmmmmm geeeeee guys lol

toataly down for this on PS3.
well tomorrow is the day finaly hardcore with no lag or dc new wepons and armor with loot 1.8 finally be playin self found cant freaking wait

sux i have to work all day but will be on from 4 pm east

my psnetwork name thingy is MUFFMUKA hmmmmmmm must of made that when i was in my teens or early 20's LMFAO

well hope to see some of you guys in the ps3 world of demons please ad me
I just got the text today, my copy is at EB's waiting for me tomorrow. I bought it so that when I go away to the land of no internet, which we do every year, I can still play lol
My PSN is Daseti. Hopefully getting it in the mail today.

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