VC Diablo 3 PVP Tournament

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We are working on more specific rules. Special thanks to Iria#1342 (World NO.1 EHP for giving us productive suggestions


First place: 200 million gold

Sec place: 100 million gold

Third place: 50 million gold

4th - 8th: 20 million gold

9th - 16th: 10 million gold

17th - 32th: 5 million gold

33th - 64th: 2 million gold
Well I'm like #5 or something world EHP Barb, there are several EU Barbs with slightly better gear. But thanks for the complement :D
still good enough :D
Tournament starting soon:
Ya I didn't lose
Good match between Zee and Arndawg. We played the first to 3 wins in my match though.
what time do we start round two today and is there a scheduled yet when I play?
thanks for the tournament Pony and viciouscattle. was good.

and gg and congratz to ender! well played
It was fun. Will probably do it next week
Great work Pony. I take forever to gear up, no cash not much time to farm but hopefully i'll be able to participate by the time Blizzard brings out the proper PvP.

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