2 os manti question

Demon Hunter
I'm looking to upgrade from my current 1os dex manti to a 2os manti with a budget of about 100m.

I'm wondering about getting a higher damage one vs a lower damage one with dex. I ran some D3up tests but the results ended up pretty close.

What would you recommend?




Here are some additional things to consider:

The dex one gives you more EHP with dodge.
It also has a slightly higher enhanced damage modifier (39% vs. 37%), so it will benefit more when socketed with a ruby. Did you account for that when doing your D3up simulation?

The higher damage one has more crit damage which is helpful in PvP when using Sharpshooter.
Thanks for the feedback, yeah I did think about rubies.

I don't really PVP.
Actually the DPS difference seems to be larger than you suggest. I'm looking at the D3up build you have here:


That build currently shows a double-socket manticore with 1181.93 DPS, 170 Dex, and 120 Str. When I compare against the Dex manti you show above, I see a DPS increase of +1,786.16. When I compare against the high damage manti, I see a DPS increase of +8,499.91. Be sure you include the enhanced damage modifier in your simulation, because that affects the ruby.
Thanks for looking into that. I actually decided to go with a WF after a recommendation that it would fit better with the skills I use.

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