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I'm aware these changes are too big for a patch so consider these as expansion notes. People in the forums complain of low density mobs, low drop rates of good gear, money wasting crafting items, inflation etc. The list goes on. Diablo 3 today is more or less killing mobs, picking up gear to sell to vendor or salvage and hope that one or two of the items you find after hours of farming would be good enough to sell at the AH or gear yourself with. A cycle. The latest patches have given a bit more in-game activity and drawn focus away from the numbness farming but, for example, crafting shoulder pads with guaranteed min 200 str/int/dex or vit and rest of the affixes are to chance won't do it. I believe people want more control of how their weapons and armor reflect their own playing style. Since I am a Barb and haven't played with my DH or WZ for a long time I will use the Barb as an example for these new upgrades.

Take focus away from drop rates and give another perspective to the game. Use your skills to create your own personalized character. Every skill and their specific runes can be used to construct new abilities during gameplay that can be attached to your gear.

Example: 'Wrath of the Berserker' with the rune 'Insanity'. Kill an elite/champion pack before the 15s are up. Do that five times in a row and the last pack will drop a 'Power Stone' with special bonuses that can be forged into your weapon or armor.

This applies for every skill and rune. Every rune drops a different kind of 'Power Stone' after completion of task. Just so you get the picture I will give a few examples below of what I mean. The reward numbers are just illustrations, not actual suggestions.

Skill/Rune: Earthquake/The Mountain's Call. Kill 15 creatures with the tremors before the time is up. Reward: A Power Stone with +80min/max-120min/max damage .
Skill/Rune: Hammer of the Ancients/Thunderstrike: Kill 5 creatures while they are stunned. Reward: A Power Stone with +220-420 lightning damage.
Skill/Rune: Weapon Throw/Ricochet: Kill 3 enemies with one throw. Reward: A Power Stone with +40-90 Strength.
Skill/Rune: Frenzy/Vanguard: Kill a Treasure Goblin within 15s of first strike. Reward: A Power Stone with +60-110% extra gold from Treasure Goblins.

With different MP levels the bonuses varies. MP 0 gives less bonus than the same challenge at MP10. For this system to be efficient a system that allows entrance to new MP levels must be implemented. It is not possible to jump right into MP10. You have to work your way towards it. This does not only create challenge to the game it also shows at what level certain players are and how good they actually are at this game. For example if you want to advance to the next MP level it is required to clear certain bosses in every act without dying.

The Power Stones are not account bound. One can either choose to arm their own gear with them or sell them at the AH. It is no possible to buy power stones of higher MP levels than your current. Weapons and armor cannot contain power stones of different MP levels. One have to acquire the power stone before being able to purchase similar at the AH. The number of Power Stone you can forge into one weapon or armor varies. Minimum 1, suggestion to max 3-4. Some legendaries/Sets can contain up to 5. I've only given a few examples of Power Stones. With every five characters and their skills and runes the number goes close to 100 different Power Stones that can be acquired. The ones you choose to go after depends on what kind of a character you want to build and how you choose to play this game.

Other suggestions to make the game a bit more interesting:

Increased gold drops on human dead bodies
Why: To encourage players to do something else than just looking for mobs
Events can actually fail if the person you are suppose to protect dies (does not imply to
story events)
Why: Raises the excitement of clearing events.
Penalize players in SC for dying by losing 1 NV stack and max 50,000 gold
Why: Makes players think more on their builds and how to play
Change skills once every 30min without losing your NV stack
Why: One stage of the act might require on skill more than the other but after 45 min after you've advanced further you would enjoy more if you could use another skill without losing all your NV
Increase the damage on landscape objects, for example Boiling Oil
Why: Encourage players to actually use your surroundings to aid you in your quest

I hope these notes makes you think a bit and please constructive critique, not "that sucks". Diablo needs improvement and focus away from the endless item hunting.


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