We don't want to patch. FIX THE SERVER!!!

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PLEASE... Blizzard.
Would you guys fix the F**king server for AU please?

We don't want to your stupid patch. All we want is, please make playable server for AU.
You know what, I played D3 with over 1000ms ping today. My highest was around 3000ms.
What ever patches you guys going to put on, we will never enjoy the game because of the Da*n server issue.

Pause the fixing games. Do FIX the server first. -.-
I feel your pain fella, I am a hardcore newb and this issue cost me two characters yesterday :(
I've been in the red constantly when I've tried to play too. Kinda poor...
Exactly why i don't even consider playing hard core, even though i would love to. The only way to "fix" our lag is to introduce Aussie servers and that is just not going to happen.
Chances are it's your connection & nothing on Blizzards side.

I'm in Vic with a 5.5 - 6.5 MB connection & the only time I've had trouble with the ping is on the EU server, anything from a 400 - 1500 ping & it's still playable, of sorts.
Me and my friends are fine as a little consensus im running since the update this morning it has been even better..
getting a steady ping of 173-179 ms

yous should prob get your ISP to do some troubleshooting , chances are could be something in the background.
I know it sounds tacky but i have seen people chuck a fit in tech support departments about their connections when it comes down to little things such as a shared home network where other laptops , computers have automatic windows updates running invisibly in the back ground, malicious malware, bit torrents , digital tv, ISP exchange congestion, ISP offshore (indian/phillipines operations) accidentally programming your account to slower speeds on their end, if you on ADSL theres also copper network faults feeding from exchange to your house, incorrect adsl filtering or even filters that are failing over time. If this was a blizzard fault it would bottle neck all aussie players not a select few.

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