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Witch Doctor
So I'm working on a build for infernal machine bosses / single target fights. I will be running with at least one other person in these fights (varying classes). Doing fights on MP 5 and up.

So far I have:
Corpse Spiders - Widowmakers (mana regen)
Zombie Charger - Zombie Bears (high damage skill/mana dump)

Spirit Walk - Healing journey ("Oh crap-runaway" button)

Skills I'm considering:

1)Zombie Dogs - Life Link vs Leeching Beasts
A) To help put some space between me and the enemy during zombie bears attacks. B) Depending on the rune, some kind of heal or damage mitigation.
On one hand, Leeching Beasts seems better because I see the dogs' purpose to be between me and the enemy. They can't do that if they are dead, and Leeching Beasts will help keep them alive and give me some heals (not sure how much).
However, on the other hand, since most bosses seem to be able to teleport or bypass dogs pretty easily, maybe Life Link is a better option. Opinions?

2) Plague of Toads - (Rune? Rain of Toads?) vs Acid Rain - (Rune? Lob Blob Bomb? Acid Rain?)
A) I want an attack that I can use from afar, B) while I heal myself with the life on hit and life steal I have on my gear.
I have a both life on hit and life steal. 2.6% Life steal and 712 life on hit.
I really have no idea which skill does more damage or is better for healing in boss fights with my stats, but I found that Lob Blob Bomb can be useful to block paths. Any advice?

3) Hex - (Rune? Jinx? Hedge Magic?) vs Soul Harvest - (Rune? Vengeful Spirit?)
+ Turn Zulton Kulle into a chicken! Making that fight A LOT easier.(In my opinion, one of the harder fights)
+ Affected takes more damage from ALL attacks
Is Hedge Magic healing worth bumping another rune?

Soul Harverst - (Rune?)
+ With the Intelligence boost, MY damage and survivalbility increases.
What do you think?

Finally, I'm thinking about maybe dropping Zombie Dogs and doing both Hex and Sould Harvest. However, because I'll be running with varing classes, I won't always have a tank/ distractions

Jungle Fortuitude
Spiritual Attunement
Vision Quest

Any and all opinions/advice are welcome! thanks
Here's a build I commonly use in Multiplayer MP9/10 Uber runs. This is a setup I used with 2 WD's and 1 Monk. My gear layout changes a litte, I swap out the Frog for a Chicken w/ bears reduction and my dogs reduction skull grasp for a bears reduction version.!bcX!bcZZYb

The rationale here is to use bears for damage and LS steal proc, acid cloud as a bad medicine trigger and LoH proc, horrify to boost armor, and spirit walk to refill mana or escape. Corpse spiders is basically used to refill mana, and I will sometimes swap this out for RoT for variety. Both work, it depends on whether you need to refill your life globe or your mana globe :-)

I find myself changing out BBV for BBV with another rune, for Hex (Jinx), Mass confusion (paranoia), depending on whether other witch doctors are part of the party or not.

With passives, I will sometimes use JF if another WD is playing with BM, this allows me to replace horrify with something more damage oriented. But I consider it overkill in some circumstances, for instance if you are playing with a barb using war cry.

I think the key here is that once you cover your basic defense / offense capabilities, you want to focus on those skills that will compliment or buff the party more effectively. Someone else doing BBV Slam Dance? Use Hex... etc.
A couple of questions about the skills mentioned:

1) What exactly is the radius and/or area of effect of Big Bad Voodoo - Slam Dance?

I ask because Big Bad Voodoo lasts for 20 seconds and only nearby Allies are affected.
I'm not sure how helpful this would be because my allies and I commonly try to split the bosses and their attention.
Also, the cooldown is rather long.

2) What exactly is the radius and/or area of effect of Mass Confusion - Paranoia?

3) Does Mass Confusion - Paranoia affect all bosses (damage increase and regular affect)?

4) Do all the bosses still take additional damage from Hex, if they don't turn into a chicken? If I remember correctly, only Zultun Kulle can be turned into a chicken.

Depending on all the answers to the above questions and considering their cooldowns, Hex or Mass Confusion may be the better choice when it comes to an increasing damage skill.

I think you use Horrify - Frightening Aspect in a similar fashion that I use Zombie Dogs, to reduce damage taken.
The way I see using this skill is to activate it when I go in to spam Zombie Bears, when I'm close to the boss and most likely to get hit.
I think I'll have to test it and see how I like it. Thanks for the suggestion


Blood Ritual
Since the largest mana spending ability I'll be using is Acid Cloud, at most, I'll be losing 25.8 (172 * .15) health.
However, since 2% of my Maximum life (without a Vitality gem in my helm) is 841.1 (42055 * .02). I'll be more than covered.

I guess the question is whether this amount of healing is worth dropping Vision Quest (a good mana regen ability when stacked with Spiritual Attunement to spam more Zombie Bears). If I find myself dying too often, I may switch to Blood Ritual. Thanks!

Jungle Fortitude vs Bad Medicine
I can see how Bad Medicine can be better, since I'll be spamming Zombie Bears and Acid Cloud when I can.
However, Bad Medicine will require me to make sure that both bosses are always being poisoned in some manner. More difficult but not impossible. Thanks again!

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