How much EHP to survive fallen maniac (MP10)?

How much EHP to survive fallen maniac (MP10)?
> 450k eHP probably. That's just for one maniac.
I survive them with an Amethyst in my helm, which gives me around 580k total. And I don't have much life left after that.
Same as the above...they don't one shot me, but I'm low on life after one blows up in my face.

Currently 690K'ish EHP.
I can survive one alquaeda bomber at full hp. No purple gem in helmet.
IIRC they deal about 575k damage on MP10
D3up ... 620k ehp
5400 armour
575 res w/o owe
56k life
I can take on one Fallen with about 1/5 life left.
Usually one bell will kill them.
IF I remember correctly they go against Physical resists, so if your physical resists are high, then that should help,


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