Sweeping Wind: Cylcone

Can someone give me advice on what helm to use? I want to replace my helm because i got a witching hour, so i dont need my innas radiance anymore. Would it be a good idea to get a mempo without crit chance for the all resist and attack speed? Does anyone know the best crit chance to have when using cyclone? thanks a lot :-)
In my experience, a Mempo without crit is not an upgrade from a good Inna's Radiance. A nice Tal chest would be a better upgrade, as you gonna keep the crit and get the attack speed.
A good stacking (6% CC) resist Inna's was the way to go for me for a long time. I recently got a Mempo with 4.5% CC so I could take advantage of the extra AS.

The end result left me doing a bit more dmg but wanting that resist back. So it's all a matter of preference and how it suits your build.
alright so i guess ill try going for a tap chest. Can you get one thats better than my innas expanse? thanks a lot for the help :-)
Mempo-CC + Inna's chest is much better than Inna's helm-CC and Tal's chest. You're going to lose dex if you go the Tal's route and it's going to mitigate the dmg you get from the AS. Going the route of Mempo + Inna's chest, you'll keep the dex, AS, and probably end up with more life.
Ok thanks. Only prob is now i either have to wait for the gold or take out the wallet haha
In the meantime, definitely go after the Inna's helm with CC and good vit/resist. Later on go after the Mempo if it suits your build. I've seen some Godly builds using Inna's helm. Take away the AS from the equation and Inna's is far superior.
Well just wanted to suggest if you can't afford a good DEX 4+ CC Mempo Helm, try going with Andariels 9/4 and a socket...you'll be losing the AR (unless u are a poison monk in which case at least u get that 50+ PR)...and you'll be losing the EHP from the +Life%...but it will give u just about the same DPS for a fraction of the cost...just something to think about.
yea i think im good on the defense side of things right now. Now its a matter of increasing my dps and keeping my survivability. Thanks for all the input guys!
cc Mempo + inna chest + inna pants
= best combo for monks
After a bunch of testing, I found that a 10% SW bonus Innas was better than my 4.5CC mempo

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