Glasscanon clan ^^ (GLASS IS CLASS)

Demon Hunter
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I'd like to join. I'd like to get back to being ranged. Tanking just seems wrong with a dh.
just started playing again. i want to join :D
I would like to join as well, but my playing time is somewhat limited (as shown by my Total Kills/Elite Kills). Will that be OK?

30k hps, 200AR, 3600 Armor, 220k dps modified (160k dps unmodified).

I tend to use a C/C build using knockback with Entangling Arrow:Shock Collar & Elemental Arrow:Screaming Skull. AoE is Rapid Fire:Bombardment; even though my gear doesnt support the Hatred usage well enough. Its too good!

FYI: did the registration on the site, but on doing the activation from email - got an error message once it transferred me to the clan website.
Here it goes. Need help. First, the registration site does not let me log in (says I've used the wrong password) but I can't get the password resent.... ideas?

Ok, that's the simple part. Now for the real questions (with a short intro).

I play all classes with special focus on WD, Wiz and DH. I went DH because I wanted to use Windforce and play ranged (using the knockback and tumble for position). I would like to keep using WF but I can't see how to increase my damage with my small/medium budget (200m at the moment).

So, 2 questions:

1- Do you think WF is viable? I've noticed that I get less knockbacks as I go up in MP (Playing Mp6 now).
2- What would you guys do for damage increase? I'm thinking of changing my Inna's belt for WH and the chest for Inna's to maintain the 130 Dex bonus and change my boots to Nats (for the crit). I do like Inna's 8% to holy (maybe % cold would be even better).
Nyan can help you gear! Add me ^.^ 200m is plenty. As for windforce, you will always have a dps restriction but can br fun to play. As well, it may annoy other classes (like cm frost nova wiz, CoB WD, etc.). Calamity is another alternate that people use.

When first starting out, I suggest 2 inna's set + 3 peice nat set because ur base dex will be low.
Will look you up 2night. I know about the knockback so I mostly play solo (or with ranged patient friends).

For me, WF > Calamity funwise, so for the time being I'll try to make it work somehow... I don't mind not having mp10 potential; for now at least.

I could do the 3 piece nats but am concerned because that would mean losing a lot of EHP (either hat or boots). Still could try I have both.

Thanks for the help.
Alright, registered on the website and added flight ingame. Looking forward to playing with you guys.
WF user here too. Add me. I'm on pretty often (the merits of telecommuting) though I might be a little busy this week. I might be able to do quick half hour runs every now and then.
Nyan-sensei shall guide you to being an awesome ta-..I mean glass cannon. :)
Glass tank?
Glass Nyan?
Glass <*))))))><?
Awesome Ta-rgettt Practice :O

i'd like to join.
Vit is 1053
Armor 3796
AR approx 300 all (with perfectionist)
DPS 308k WF user.

i went to your site, when trying to register i'm getting this error:
•404: This page or file does not exist
can you help?
I want to join.. oh wait.. I'm in this already XD
You gotta wait for Flight to authorise your registration.
06/26/2013 10:28 AMPosted by The47thSen
You gotta wait for Flight to authorise your registration.

If that's for me.. somewhere around this thread, I've been cleared to enter already :)
Oh no, I was refering to the guy up there.
I like to play DH as a ranged character, specially when I made out this build that works great for me...

But I have more than 400 AR and 4000 armor :(

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