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Ok, so...

I did my first Ubers run tonight and I have to say it was both awesome and a let down. It was awesome because the build up to it was unique, the fight was engaging (MP5), and the Legendary items that dropped during the build up was worthwhile lol.

I feel like....[insert something I can't quite put my finger on here].

I think what it was - a lot of it could have been my lack of understanding in what goes into getting prepared for Ubers - was that whether you score or not in Ubers you're back to square 1.
-> Choose an Act
-> Increase MP level to increase chances of a key dropping
-> Grind out 5 stacks of NV
-> you may or may not get the key
-> Restart game
-> Rinse
-> Wash
-> Repeat.

Don't get me wrong, I'm all for grinding... (I played D1, D2, and WoW long enough to become desensitized against the monotony of grinding lol)...but I guess I just feel - "huh, I get to do it all over again?" lol

I'll keep grinding it out because I enjoy the game - I think I just wanted to digress a little lol. I think back to the grinding for the Staff of Herding - at least that's account bound.

Just a thought... I wonder if it would improve the experience if the system utilised the following requirements:

1. All 3 keys must be collected
-> lower drop rate of they key appearance or increase difficulty of keywardens
2. When all 3 keys are collected and plans are purchased, create the infernal machine
3. When Infernal Machine is created, it becomes bound to the account (like Staff of Herding)
-> keys are no longer are required to be collected
4. Ubers bosses
-> lower item drop rate for items required to make Hellfire Ring or;
-> leave drop rate as is and increase difficulty of the fight

Anyway, that's just me thinking out loud. If anyone wants to grind out Keys or Ubers bosses, feel free to add me:

The issue with Nekarat is that once you have the plan, you have absolutely zero reason to be playing in Act 4. Making it so you don't need to farm keys means that there's little reason to be farming Act 1 and 2.

The current system works very well, and with the density changes coming in the next patch, there will be more variety in acts being actively farmed, which is great for general gameplay.

It's a nice idea, but really narrows down the end game grind factor of the game.
When A3's key warden first came out he had insane damage and crowd control abilities, he was a really tough boss that was fun to go up against. Then the forums were flooded with he's too tough, too powerful, i cant kill him NERF NERF NERF him. A pity really, with todays gear they could easily buff him back to pre-nerf levels without there being to many people crying on the forums.
A couple of things...keys, machines, organs and Hellfire rings are account bound; you can vendor these items for next to nothing; you can salvage Hellfire rings to obtain brimstone. No matter how tedious the grind, in the end it adds up to a decent Hellfire ring or brimstone which you can use for crafting. In terms of outcomes, it's not for nothing.

As for enjoyment, everyone will be different. It almost sounds to me like you need the challenge rather than the outcome. So, play on an MP that is probably beyond what your gear can handle. Re-jig your build accordingly and learn more about your class. This way you're getting challenged, learning more and getting keys. Same for Ubers.

The other thing about Ubers is that you can play beyond your normal MP in a good group. Monks are especially attractive for their party buffs. So, team up with others who also provide something complementary to the party and strategise. No CM wiz? Maybe the Barb can run Bash/Clobber or the DH can run Bola/Thunder Ball for some occasional crowd control. Or maybe you can buff the CM wiz with Transgression so that the Wiz is free to run the damage bubble, or the Wiz runs the speed bubble and you run Overawe (usually the best option). Anyway, there are a tonne of ways to make Ubers more interesting, especially in coop. And, like I said, a good team can lead to a better outcome than any individual player could achieve on their own. The Uber system alone is not exciting IMO - it's who you play with and how. Happy hunting.

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